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Singapore SEALab

Business School at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) offers Finnish companies a market-entry plan for the South-East Asian markets. The plan is done by business professionals who know the local market and are simultaneously completing their MBA degree at NTU.

About program

SEALab program is done in cooperation with the Nanyang Technological University Business School's Strategy Projects.

During the intensive four month work period (January-April), a NTU the Strategy Projects at Nanyang team of MBA students can work on the following areas:

  • Market analysis and analysis for market entrance
  • Feasibility analysis for business operations
  • Product analysis and a development strategy
  • Business plan (focus points, networking, marketing, distribution and financing plan etc.)

The scope and other details of the project are decided together with your company before starting the project. Program process is supervised and coordinated by staff from the Nanyang Technological University. When your company dedicates time and effort to the program, the more detailed Market Access plan you will get.

Funding for Program

  1. Primarily Market Explorer funding for SME companies and midcap-sized companies. Other alternatives: 
  2. Tempo funding (SMEs) as de minimis subsidies,
  3. R&D funding (all companies),
  4. Funding for young innovative companies. This financing option is intended for companies that have been granted Tekes' funding for young innovative companies. Expenses related to participation to Market Access Programs will be incorporated into the projects' costs.

Program requirements

  • An innovative product or service with an international competitive advantage
  • Genuine interest towards the market
  • Approximately 1 million EUR turnover (sustainable competitive edge)
  • Sufficient funding and/or positive cash flow for the following 1 to 2 years
  • Company will hire or has hired employee(s) to the market
  • Business operations based on an innovative product concept and sufficient technological expertise
  • Independent company, a unit of a larger corporation, or a subsidiary of a foreign enterprise
  • Concept that provides a sustainable competitive edge
  • Website in English

Company commitment

  • € 15,000 program fee
  • Access to company information, customers, financials and strategic plans
  • Average 1-2 hours per week
  • Host 3-5 students for 3-4 days visit to company headquarters in Finland
  • Two trips to Singapore, if possible

Submission of applications in autumn 2021

For the program 2021-2022, the timetable is as below:

  • August – 31 October, 2021: Finnish companies submit applications to Business Finland
  • November, 2021: Company interviews will be organized. Representatives from NTU and Business Finland will interview applicant companies
  • End of November 2021: Project decided & announced to NTU MBA student
  • December, 2021: Student/Faculty selection and assignment to team
  • January - April 2022: Conduct and completion of the NTU-Business Finland projects
    • February 2022: NTU MBA students visit companies in Finland, Mid-term evaluation with companies in Finland
  • April 2022: Final report submission and presentation to companies in Singapore (Partner companies travel to Singapore, if possible)

Contact Business Finland advisor before applying to the program.


Senior Advisor

Harriet Gullstén

+358 50 5577 776