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Singapore SEALab

Business School at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) offers Finnish companies a market-entry plan for the South-East Asian markets. The plan is done by business professionals who know the local market and are simultaneously completing their MBA degree at NTU.

About program

SEALab program is done in cooperation with the Nanyang Technological University Business School's Strategy Projects.

During the four month work period, a project team of NTU MBA students, taking the study module of Strategy Projects at NTU can work on the following areas:

  • Market data gathering from interviews of your potential clients or field study/studies.
  • Identification of potential clients, sales channels for your products, or solutions and stakeholders that will impact your operation in your target market in SEA countries.
  • Competitive advantage analysis or competition landscape of your target market segment.
  • Identify and study key industry regulation and IPR law that has significant impact on your operation and IPR risk control in your target market.
  • Market entry or expansion strategy and models investigated, validated and/or recommended by your MBA project team.

Please be aware that when applying for the program, your research topic and plan shall be ready and attractive. The scope and other details of the project is decided together with your company by staff from the NTU business school before starting the project.

Funding for participation costs

  1. You can apply for a grant (de minimis) for the participation costs of the program. For small companies under 5 years old, the grant covers 75% of the participation costs. For SMEs and midcap companies over 5 years old, the grant covers 50% of the costs.
    • Once your company has been accepted into the program, send a funding application in Business Finland’s online service
    • The name of the financial service is "Accelerators and preparations for international projects"
    • On the application tab "Basic application information" there is a drop-down menu under "Programs and other interfaces". Select the item "MAP Global Access Program (Asia)"
  2. Participation costs can be included as part of an ongoing R&D project or Young Innovative Company (NIY) project.

Program requirements

  • An innovative product or service with an international competitive advantage
  • Sufficient funding and/or positive cash flow for the following 1 to 2 years
  • Have paying customers
  • Independent company or a subsidiary of a corporation
  • Website in English

Company commitment

  • € 15,000 program fee
  • Prepare to spend in average 1-2 hours per week for the project
  • Prepare to host project team's visit to your company in Finland
  • Prepare to visit Singapore if both sides agree to do so

Submission of applications in fall

  • By 13th October: the company sends the application form to NTU directly from the link.
  • End of October: NTU interviews applicant companies.
  • Mid-November: NTU decides on the final company participants.
  • End-November: official kick-off of the project.
  • Coming Mid-March: mid-term evaluation of the project research result.
  • Coming April-May: project final presentation

For more information, please contact the Program Manager Shi Ting Chen.

Finnish companies in NTU SEALab program

Salama Brewing company

Merus Power Oyj, Aiwo Digital Oy, Driveco Oy


Contact us

Program Manager

Shi Ting Chen

+358 45 263 1612