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Rebound Campaign

The purpose of the campaign is to support sustainable manufacturng companies that have been impacted by the pandemic and to find opportunities for new business by targeting potential customers in Central Europe.


This campaign is an initiative within Business Finland’s Sustainable Manufacturing program. The campaign has two central themes, that are Supply Chain Transparency & Control and Smart Factory & IoT. The objective of the campaign is to find opportunities for new business within the focus themes, by targeting potential customers in Europe, with Germany as primary market.

The companies that participates in the campaign will have their name, company profile and offering exposed to a large number of potential German customers in a wide range of businesses, and will have the opportunity to get in contact with the interested German companies as potential future customers.

Business Finland has partnered with KPMG to carry out the campaign.

The participants

The campaign is aimed for manufacturing companies impacted by the pandemic whose operations in Finland can benefit from the campaign.

We seek companies with products or services related to Supply Chain Transparency & Control and/or Smart Factory & IoT, and that have the capability to successfully enter and serve companies on the German market.

A group of companies with a joint offering are also welcomed to participate in the campaign.

The approach

  • The companies participating in the campaign are asked to describe their company profile and offering into a web form.
  • To help the potential German customers find potential suppliers, the suppliers will be clustered based on similarities e.g. on offering, preference customers or technology.
  • The supplier profiles will be made accessible for the interested customers in Germany, who can download the profiles that interest them the most.
  • The target is to gather main part of the supplier profiles in December 2020 and make them accessible for German customers in January 2021.

How to participate?

If you are interested in participating in the Rebound Campaign, you are requested to

  • contact us by email using the form on right, and
  • fill in the web form on company profile. You will access the web form via a link that we will send you once we have got your email.

Are you interested in joining the campaign?

Please fill in the form and we will be in touch.

For more information

Business Finland

Ulf-Erik Widd

+358 50 431 1813

Anders Hahnsson

+358 40 564 0217

Aleksi Eliasson

+358 40 657 7884