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COST – coordination through cooperation

Established in 1971 COST has developed into one of the largest frameworks for networking collaboration in research in Europe. National COST offices and COST National Coordinators (CNC) in each member country disseminates information on COST activities and procedures.

Finland and COST

Business Finland coordinates COST activities in Finland providing easy access to the state-of-the-art information produced in Europe's leading research institutes. Coupled with this, there are infinite opportunities for international networking, for creating lasting contacts and for exchanging ideas, results and even scientists.

Finland – an active member country

As one of the founding members of COST, Finland has been highly active in taking advantage of the international networking opportunities and participates in most of about 300 current COST initiatives called COST Actions. Initiatives are made up of broad networks of nationally funded research projects covering numerous scientific disciplines.

Working from the bottom up, COST Actions are initiated and proposed by the researchers themselves based upon national or local needs. Finnish participants are mainly from universities and research institutes.

COST member countries are all EU countries, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and Turkey together with Israel as e informationassociated countries.