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Manufacturing accounts for about half of Finland's exports and almost 30 % of the GDP so this sector  is very important to our economy. The Sustainable Manufacturing Finland program focuses on renewing business models and increasing productivity, while actively seeking solutions to the challenges of climate change.  These new solutions will develop into significant export products for Finland.

Program Launch March 5, 2020  recording




Manufacturing industries are the backbone of the Finnish economy. According to Technology Industries of Finland, its member companies employ 300 000 people directly and 700 000 people in total. This equals to about 30% of the entire Finnish labor force. The technology industry makes up 51% of Finnish exports.

Accelerating productivity growth requires active efforts from companies. In the long term, the program aims help to create a more positive atmosphere and favorable conditions for the growth of production activities in Finland.


The program is targeted to manufacturing ecosystems. Although the program covers manufacturing industries widely, emphasis is placed on machine tool industries, (opto) electronics and photonics, and companies in the industrial digital transformation industry.

Companies and research organizations of all sizes are invited to participate the program. We are looking for collaboration that provides industry with new solutions to increase efficiency, productivity and environmental friendliness.


  • Building national and international networks with the program participants
  • Promoting and funding innovation in Finland and Europe
  • Exploring new markets and business contacts for business groups
  • Attracting foreign experts to the industry
  • Business opportunities for foreign companies in Finland

The program helps companies to network and find partners for renewal. In addition, the program helps companies to grap bigger business opportunities together than they could do by themselves.


Program Manager
Toni Mattila

Tel +358 40 500 9909
toni.mattila (at)

Sanna Nuutila

sanna.nuutila (at)
Tel. +358 50 5577 717