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Service providers

Alfa Moving

Alfa Moving is a Nordic mobility service company that operates globally. We are offer a comprehensive service package of immigration, relocation and removal services, and storage solutions. Our strength is the ability to manage the whole mobility process. We take care of people as well as the permits and furniture when moving to Finland, from Finland or between third countries. The priorities are quality, care and sustainability throughout the process.

Many of Finland's leading companies use Alfa's services when relocating international talent. We are an efficient, knowledgeable and proactive partner. We assist, for example, in the residence permit process, with the required registrations in Finland, the tax and Kela card applications, and in finding temporary accommodation and a home. Alfa's reliable and people-oriented service is a great resource for your company when new employees and their families move to Finland.

Barona Relocation

Our service was founded almost 10 years ago when Barona, the leading HR service company in Finland, and Forenom, the leading Nordic business accommodation provider, pooled their skills and resources. We offer a comprehensive service package and our customer-friendly attitude to support your company's HR team in the relocation of international employees.

The Core Services cover essential registrations and paperwork like the residence permit, personal identity code, social security, tax card, bank account, ID card and travel card as well as school/daycare coordination. The helpful extra elements from the Smooth Settling Services include temporary accommodation, airport pick-up and key coordination, rental apartment search, spouse integration support, spouse career training, cultural training and more. Our pricing model is flexible and transparent. You can easily calculate the cost of the services based on the circumstances and needs of your new employee.

Companies House Finland

Companies House Finland is a one-stop shop for establishing business operations in Finland. We also offer comprehensive relocation services for companies already operating here. If you require professional assistance in registering a company in Finland, complying with local laws and regulations, finding key people or a smooth relocation process for employees arriving from another country, Companies House Finland is here to help you.

Our relocation services include assistance with your employees' work and residence permits, local registrations and practical matters such as bank accounts, insurance and utilities. We can also help them to find a suitable home and apply for day care and school places for the children. Our goal is to ensure that your employees and their family members get settled as soon as possible and stay happy while living and working in Finland. Our services are available in English, Spanish and Finnish.

2DS Finland Oy

We are a Finland-based Recruitment, Relocation & Consulting service provider with a strong recruitment base in India – the world's largest talent skill pool – and a great reach to thousands of skilled immigrant candidates already settled in Finland.

Our hassle-free end-to-end recruitment and relocation process includes candidate searching, screening, visa services, onboarding, and settling in Finland. We also offer skilled ICT professionals to support your short and long-term requirements. We cater the best candidates for ICT, manufacturing, construction, hospitality and service industry. We also have training centers to incubate the best talent for the sought-after skills.

Thanks to our first-hand experience as Indian work-based immigrants in Finland, we understand the needs of the new employees and their families who are starting a new life here. We act as bridge between India and Finland connecting tope talent to the local industry.

ECHO Engineering

ECHO Engineering provides technical consulting services to the cyclical manufacturing and technology industries. In addition to local services, we offer, managed from Finland, remote mechanical engineering design services produced in our FinECHO Engineering subsidiary in Pune, India, as well as experts deputed to Finland on assignment. On customer request, we provide the new foreign engineer with a Finnish employment contract and help with accommodation and orientation – an excellent alternative to the choppy three-month work permit scheme!

We are currently developing similar services in Bangalore for IoT and software development services. We have almost 20 years of experience in the sale, recruitment and assignment of technical consulting services and the implementation of remote services between Finland and India. ECHO Engineering is a young and agile player and part of the Kaiku HR group, so we can also supply hourly industrial production workers according to need.

Finland Relocation Services

FRS's comprehensive services support your company throughout the entire process of hiring an international employee, posting a staff member from Finland abroad or transferring personnel between third countries. Since 1994, we have successfully managed the relocation and settling-in of more than 30,000 people for companies of all sizes, across all industries. Through our network, we operate in 500 locations around the world.

Your company's new employee can trust the experienced FRS consultants to help with immigration, registrations, and banking as well as in finding a suitable home and arranging daycare or school for the kids. Other services, such as home removal, can be added to the tailored service package. As a result, the new employee can start work at full capacity, feeling motivated from the get-go. Our customer satisfaction is excellent. FRS is the only operator in Finland to be awarded the EuRA Global Quality Seal Plus certificate, the industry's international quality accreditation.


We understand the challenges of international recruitment and settling in a new culture not just from a professional perspective but also from our personal experiences of expat life on almost all the continents. Finnwards offers training in intercultural encounters for more effective interaction in companies and teams, enabling the many benefits of a diverse workforce. The results include better management communications skills, genuinely participatory teams, more committed employees, and effective sales work.

Finnwards' live video training helps companies to provide an in-depth introduction for new employees to Finnish working life and society, and is also useful in the recruitment phase. We also have video courses that can be purchased separately. Finnwards is the only certified global dexterity trainer in Finland, a practical method for modifying communications to suit a multicultural work environment – without losing your personality! We also offer personal consulting and coaching services, and specialize in assisting trailing spouses during the international transition process.

Fintegra Consulting Group Oy LKV

Fintegra's consulting services help to bring highly educated workers and specialists to Finland and also support foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in doing business in Finland. We offer expert assistance and advice on immigration and residence permit applications and for different situations. Since 2016, our services have been used by about 1,000 people from many different countries.

Our services for entrepreneurs cover the various stages of business operations from initial consulting to customised, comprehensive service packages. For example, we assist with registration, permit and tax matters, and when opening a bank account. Our customers have established medium-sized companies in Finland in the logistics, real estate, IT and export sectors, among others. We also provide integration and support services for foreign entrepreneurs and employees who have already obtained a residence permit, as well as their family members.

GMC Finland

GMC delivers efficient relocation services with a big heart. Since 2017, we have served a wide range of companies, universities, polytechnics, high schools, sports teams, exchange programs and families. We have also helped entrepreneurs from outside the EU to Finland through the startup entrepreneur residence permit.

GMC offers thematic service packages, customised solutions, and consulting. We take care of permits and tax matters, the Kela card, insurance and bank account as well as finding a home and arranging school, daycare and a childminder. We make sure that everyday life starts smoothly. Our services also include personal coaching and mentoring.

GMC's experts are international professionals integrated into Finnish society. We understand how the migration process feels and what it takes to settle in a new country. We serve customers in their own language whenever possible. Everything is aimed to enable the new employee to focus fully on their work without stressing about other things.


Founded by IT professionals in 2013, ICT DIRECT offers a turnkey recruitment service. When there is a labour shortage in Finland, we search for the top talent internationally – especially in India, where the experienced local IT recruiters from our Mumbai office will find the most suitable experts for your company.

As a quality assurance, we are the first in the Nordics to use an evaluation platform designed for candidates applying for technical positions. We only present candidates who have passed technical and aptitude tests and careful background checks. After the selection, we take care of the employee's residence permit, visa, tax card, other official paperwork, and apartment rental. The new employee can also start remotely in India and move to Finland later if necessary. We handle payroll and other employer obligations in India. Our comprehensive solutions minimize your company's workload and risks in recruiting an international IT expert.

International Fox Agency

International Fox Agency is a resourceful internationalization agent and bridge builder founded by experienced international mobility professionals in 2018. We specialize in supporting the internationalization of SMEs – providing your company with effective training and consulting related to international talent attraction, recruitment, retention, and mobility, and for managing a diverse work community. Our services also benefit companies aiming to enter new foreign markets.

Based on our understanding of SMEs' individual needs and limited resources, we create tailored policies, tools and support services to help your company attract and welcome international personnel. We can also familiarize a new employee with Finnish communication and working culture and spar your multicultural teams and work communities to encourage creative and constructive interaction. Our two founders are currently writing an international recruitment guide for Southwest Finland's Kokka kohti Suomea -project.


KPMG, a global provider of audit, tax, legal and advisory services, also manages all aspects of employee relocation and mobility. We can offer a turnkey service when your company is hiring a new international employee, or take care of the specific issues where help is especially needed. Our services are scalable depending on the company's resources.

We handle secondment agreements and employment contracts, help with obtaining work permits and in finding an apartment. Our settling services and cultural coaching help the new employee to adjust quickly to life in Finland. KPMG can handle all standard tax-related matters, such as the tax card application, tax return and tax advice, as well as the employer's obligations when hiring a person in Finland. Our expertise includes solving challenging tax issues that involve several countries. If required, we also clarify the tax and employer obligations in the other country and give advice regarding cross-border remote work situations.

Pointer Potential

Pointer Potential is a diversity recruiter – a unique player in the recruitment industry in Finland. We match Finnish companies with international professionals living in Finland. By expanding their traditional recruitment pool, we enable companies to reap the benefits of a diverse work community without the costs and bureaucracy associated with international relocation.

We understand the challenges faced by international job seekers and companies. To ensure successful recruitment, each professional hired through Pointer Potential is provided with a personal mentor for the first year of service.

Our operations started in Finland in spring 2020. Through Pointer Potential's Swedish sister company Novare Potential, more than 100 Swedish companies have hired immigrants since 2016.

Ponte Oy

Ponte Oy offers locally and customer-specifically tailored relocation and integration services across the whole of Finland to help both employers and the immigrating employees. We offer personalised solutions that benefit not only the individual but also society through better settling in and integration. These services include, depending on your needs, for example permit matters, regulatory registrations, housing related matters, and training packages.

Ponte is a company founded by professionals who have a long career in immigration, whose mission is to provide solutions for those moving to Finland, companies operating in Finland and municipalities. Our team consists of six experts with multicultural backgrounds and our experience consists of personal and of customer integration expertise. Our values are customer orientation, confidentiality and accountability.

Return Ticket

Return Ticket has been serving Finnish and international customers since 1997. We help Finns moving abroad or back to Finland and ensure the smooth relocation of foreigners to Finland.

The comprehensive relocation package for a foreign employee and their family includes Finnish residence permit and visa applications and liaising with the embassy and authorities during the process. In Finland, we help with registration at the Finnish Immigration Service and the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, and with Kela, tax card, ID card, bank and driving licence applications.

The wellbeing of the spouse and children is crucial for the motivation of the new employee. We help find a comfortable apartment, school and daycare and offer family coaching, support for the spouse's job search and study, practical guidance, cultural coaching, and language courses. The service package includes personal support and advice services throughout the stay in Finland.