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SMEs and midcaps: Strengthen your market position and develop your products

We offer funding, advice, market insight, and networks for SMEs that want to strengthen their market positions and develop their products. When you are ready to grow in international markets and develop a product, please, check these services.


Internationalization advice 

Business Finland's experts in Finland and around the world provide advice to startups. Read more about internationalization advice services.

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R&D Funding

Accelerate product development, and renew and develop products, services, production methods, or business models. A Business Finland loan is suitable for piloting and product development close to the commercialization stage. Our funding is for private-sector research projects which focus on the creation of new competencies. Read more about R&D funding.

EU funding

European programs and networks offer funding for Finnish companies. Business Finland's advisers help companies to identify and exploit the funding offered by European programs. Read more about EU funding.

International financial institutions (IFIs)

Finnish SMEs can compete for IFI financed public procurement opportunities ranging from large-scale infrastructure works and goods to solutions and services. We help Finnish companies to better access these business opportunities. Read more on IFIs.


You can develop your innovation activities with the help of external expertise, acquire intellectual property rights, or hire a temporary adviser from a research organization or major corporation. The funding is a grant, and Business Finland can finance 50 percent of the project's total budget. Read more about Into funding.


You can receive funding for projects carried out with research organizations with the aim of developing new knowledge and innovations to support international activities. The level of funding is based on the size of the company and the content and objectives of the project. Read more about Co-Innovation funding.

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Market information and contacts

Team Finland visits

Business Finland organizes high-level delegations for Finnish companies to visit target countries in cooperation with other Team Finland partners. Read more about Team Finland visits.

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Business Finland's programs focus on a specific theme or sector and offer companies information and contacts in this sector. The programs help companies to improve their competitiveness and identify new markets for their products. There are programs in progress in many different fields: cleantech, bioeconomy and the circular economy, digitalization, the consumer sector, and health and wellbeing.

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