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Startup: Develop a product for international markets

We offer funding, advice, market insight, and networks for startups who want to grow their business in new markets. When you are planning to grow in international markets, and developing a new product, please, check these services.


R&D Funding

Accelerate product development, and renew and develop products, services, production methods, or business models. A Business Finland loan is suitable for piloting and product development close to the commercialization stage. Our funding is for private-sector research projects which focus on the creation of new competencies. Read more about R&D Funding.

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Advice services

Business Finland's experts in Finland and around the world provide advice to startups. Typical topics include:

  • Localization of products
  • Market entry strategy and plan
  • Local contracting and negotiation culture
  • Expert search
  • Market-specific information

Read more about advice services.

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Market information and contacts

Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network has experts in 60 target countries, and it provides European companies with free internationalization services. Read more about the Enterprise Europe Network.

Accelerators abroad

Utilize the services of business accelerators abroad to boost your international development. By participating in a business accelerator program, you can validate customer needs and build a business in the target market. Read more about accelerators.

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Business Finland's programs focus on a specific theme or sector and offer companies information and contacts in this sector. The programs help companies to improve their competitiveness and identify new markets for their products. There are programs in progress in many different fields: cleantech, bioeconomy and the circular economy, digitalization, the consumer sector, and health and wellbeing.

See all programs here