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Business Finland's services for startup companies

Is your company developing innovative solutions and planning to scale up in international markets? We offer funding, advice, as well as information and contacts in the target market for the Finnish companies with the most growth potential.

How can we help?

Business Finland supports ambitious startups that are aiming high, solving significant challenges, and are investing substantially in research and development and international business development.

We are focusing on the innovative startups that have Finnish business ID and are committed to global growth. These startups are developing a product or service that addresses significant global needs and challenges. Business Finland is sharing the risk with founders and investors. We are looking for future Finnish success stories from different industries and backgrounds.

Our criteria for the support of a future success story:

  • Competitive advantage in international markets based on innovative solution or business model
  • Impact on Finland
  • Versatile competence and team: just technology is not enough
  • Major R&D projects planned or underway
  • Sufficient resources and willingness and ability to raise private funding
  • Founders and board committed to international growth

We focus strongly on the deeptech startups as well. Deeptech startups have a huge potential to disrupt entire industries.
In addition to the above mentioned criteria, the deeptech startups have:

  • Business idea based on the latest scientific or industrial research
  • Existing or opportunity to create strong IP based on research that delivers competitive advantage
  • Committed founder team with a solid balance of scientific and business talent and a plan for team development
  • High technological and market entry risk, but breakthrough in sight

Mapping of needs

Business Finland offers startups tailormade support based on their own individual needs.

Tailored services

Together, we design a customized service path for each including Business Finland and Team Finland services.

Our services for startup companies

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Marko Kotonen

Manufacturing and industrial solutions / digitalization, ICT, Energy and clean tech

Antti Salminen

BtoB services, Consumer/Design, Software, Dual use tech, International accelerators 

Jaana Rantanen

Deep Tech, Commercialization of science 

Tuomas Planman

Health and Wellbeing, Life Science, Medical Devices, Deep Tech 

Olli Sinerma

Creative Industries and AI

Jukka Lohivuo

Industrial solutions, ICT, Digitalization

Marko Vänskä

International investor connections - South Europe region

Marika Mäkelä

International investor connections - Nordics, Central Europe and US

Shi Ting Chen

International investor connections - Asia

Aziz Rahman

International investor connections - UK, Middle-East

Sari Paavilainen

Team Finland & international co-operation

Anne Turula

Team Finland co-operation

How to become
our customer?

For whom?

Business Finland's expertise and funding services are meant for companies seeking rapid business growth and bold renewal in the international market.

Business Finland's potential customers are companies with

  1. a Finnish business ID
  2. enough financial resources for internationalization
  3. versatile competence and team
  4. a desire to grow in the international market
  5. competitive advantage in the international market

Does your startup company fulfil the above criteria? Contact our customer service so we can talk and find out how we can best help your company.

Become a customer

Company size definitions


Startups are young, small and medium-sized enterprises seeking rapid international growth. Business Finland's services for startups are generally intended for growth companies that have been operating for less than five years.

SMEs and midcap companies

SMEs are companies with fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of no more than EUR 50 million or a balance sheet total of no more than EUR 43 million. Mid cap companies are large corporations with a turnover of no more than EUR 300 million. See our services for SMEs and midcap companies.