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Love for Finnish products

Consumer Business is the new strategic theme in Business Finland.

Be the next Finnish

success story!

There is a hype about Finland around the world and demand for the Finnish consumer products and services. Previous success stories are looking for the followers. Finland wants to be part of the globally growing consumer business!

Business Finland has identified consumer business as a new strategic theme. We have identified growth and renewal opportunities, for example, in gaming, TV and movie production, esports and other content businesses. Business Finland is currently preparing program activities for these businesses.

Experience Commerce Finland program has started 2019 in the area of the digital transformation of traditional industries that touch on trade / commerce, brand owners and manufacturers developing innovations for business models, data utilization, and services for customers.

Come along!

We are looking for proposals from various sectors and industries whose strategy includes conceptualization and branding for different consumer markets.
We are looking for bold and open-minded ideas that will address the potential of changes in consumer behavior – come along!

Subscribe to the consumer theme newsletter and get instant information about our upcoming events and hear about new opportunities in consumer business. If you want to hear more about the theme, please contact one of the contact persons listed below.
You can apply for Business Finland funding continuously and there are also ongoing internationalization services, even though there are no programs in progress in this theme.

With the help of Business Finland's funding and services, the company can obtain information on customer expectations and develop, for example, brand, sales and marketing strategy, services and management. We help your company find new partners, experts and networks all over the world.


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