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In Turku 12.11.2019
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Talent Boost Summit 2019

Welcome to the third annual Talent Boost Summit – this time in Turku!

Talent Boost Summit 2019 will focus on talent retention.

Materials from the Talent Boost Summit 2019

Several speakers' presentations in one file

Ceyda Söderblom presentation 

OECD Jonathan Chaloff presentation

Pictures from the event:

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Some background 

Companies in Finland have a shortage of experts in many areas, such as IT, cleantech, creative, health, maritime and tech fields. Hiring the first international experts is often a big step for the company. However, the company's culture and know-how develops with the help of international experts. This accelerates growth and success in export markets. For our competitiveness, it is crucial to attract these international professionals.

International experts living in Finland are an important asset to our working life. Many also have talented spouses who also have moved to Finland. Also, annually, more than 3,000 foreign students graduate from Finnish universities. These people have both professional knowledge and experience in Finnish culture and lifestyle in addition to their own language, culture and networks. Their expertise is key for innovation, growth and internationalization of Finnish businesses.

Turku proudly hosts Talent Boost Summit on 12th November 2019 in Logomo. This year the event’s focus will be on talent retention and how to boost business through international talents.

The Summit is free of charge and in English. The event will be streamed online, and photographs will be taken.

For train & bus travellers

The venue Logomo Teatro Address; Köydenpunojankatu 14, 20100 Turku

• The Turku main railway station is located approximately 700 m from Logomo. The pedestrian bridge crossing the railroads can be used to access Logomo.
• 1 km from the Turku Bus Station
• Taxis can stop right in front of the entrance to LOGOMO hall.
• Logomo has parking areas on the northern and eastern sides of the building.



Key Note Speaker



Terhi Pietari is a HR Director from Ramboll.

Key Note Speaker

Joel Willans is the British co-founder and creative director of digital communications agency Ink Tank Media. He’s also the best-selling author of three books and creator of social media sensations Very Finnish Problems and Very Brexit Problems.

“Take pride in being an immigrant! It proves you’re creative, bold and up for a challenge.”

 Photo: Henry Lämsä

Host / Ceremony master of the Summit

Sean Ricks works as a journalist for the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE). He is the host of the popular current affairs talk show Perjantai which airs on TV1. Additionally Sean has worked as a documentary film maker, investigative and foreign reporter among other things.

"We can't compete with size so let's do what we do best: create an advantage based on our societies strengths: innovation, social democracy, openness, honesty and transparency. Also we're one of the most beautiful and safest countries on Earth. Let's build on those principles and be proud of them!" Twitter: @seanaricks



Host / Ceremony master of the Summit

During the past 10 years Melissa Arni-Hardén has planned, organized and lead several projects as well as initiatives related to talent attraction & retention in Finland. Currently she is responsible for developing and coordinating Talent Boost activities in the City of Espoo.

"Demographic forecasts paint a very clear picture: a sustainable future for Finland on all possible levels, especially social and economic, depends on how well we work together to nurture an inclusive living and working environment. Cities, regions, government, companies and international professionals alike are key components of a successful recipe and contribute to positioning Finland as the best place in the world to live, study and work. Each of us as private individuals or as representatives of an organization can make a change: every human encounter in our daily lives provides this kind of opportunity."

Panel discussion

Heikki Holopainen,“Wannabe talent who’s been lucky enough to be boosting European higher education and science scene for 20 years, currently with the Finnish Education Employers. EU enthusiast vice-chairing the European Federation of Education Employers.”

 ”If genius is 99% perspiration, give people opportunities to sweat it out!

Panel discussion

Mikko Vieltojärvi from Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto is and education
developer tackling with the issue of skills mismatch. Adviser at Confederation
of Finnish Industries EK for Education and Skills related matters with a decade
of experience from influencing education policies in national and international




 Jarmo Tanskanen, CEO & Founder, Valopi and Visuon Ltd

Jarmo is passionate edtech and learning enthusiast. He has developed learning and teaching materials since 1991. Currently he is entrepreneur in Valopi and Visumo Ltd at Tampere.

 Panel discussion

Jari Jokinen, CEO, Tekniikan akateemiset (TEK)

Enthusiastic technology and education lover who believes in research and innovation. CEO at TEK (Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland) with 25 years of experience in research and higher education at university, national and EU level.

"Doing a great job with smile on our faces


Johanna Kakkuri, HR Manager, Wärtsilä

Loves to help individuals to stretch, grow and display that inner glow by coaching and inspiring.

An HR professional who is ready to shake the status quo and believes that "work" and "fun" always should belong in the same sentence.


 Jonathan Chaloff, International Migration Division, OECD

Migration policy expert at the International Migration Division of the OECD. He has reviewed a number of countries' labour migration policies – from Germany to Sweden to Korea - and was involved in the development of the OECD Indicators of Talent Attractiveness.

"Global competition for talent has led many countries to introduce more favourable policy frameworks for the best and the brightest people from abroad, but many other factors beyond admission and residence policy shape countries' attractiveness for foreign talent."

Panel discussion

Ted Apter, Finnish Business School Graduates

Enjoying the freedom of Finnish Labour Market operators: all the opportunities to promote bridge-building, problem-solving and making change happen outside of the political business ctycle. LSE-alumni promoting a better work-life as a Labour Market Special Advisor for Suomen Ekonomit.

"We need to open up more as a country, if and when we want to upkeep the Nordic model in Finland."



Ceyda Berk-Söderblom is an independent cultural entrepreneur, manager, curator and festival programmer. With more than 18 years of experience, she has worked as the programmer of international festivals with close ties to the world-known institutions, orchestras, artists, and ensembles. In Helsinki, she has started an entrepreneurial career, and founded MiklagårdArts in September 2015.

MiklagårdArts is an innovative platform, facilitator and connector for promoting transnational collaborations between Finland and the dynamic art scenes around the world. It stands for a structure where collaboration becomes a sustainable practice to produce large-scale productions. It aims to fill the grey areas to create contents for addressing the expectations of the diverse population of Helsinki alongside existing arts and cultural institutions' programmes. Ceyda leads MiklagårdArts' development by focusing on internationalisation, inclusiveness, innovation, and bridge building. She initiates new artistic expressions arising from creative clashes between cultures.

Ilkka Immonen is a CEO and co-founder at BON Games. BON Games is a mobile tycoon developer from Tampere. Their first game Transit King tycoon is out worldwide and available on Apple and Google platforms. Prior to BON Games Immonen has been running several companies working with games, film and tv. Immonen graduated from Coventry University Business School in 2003.

Natasha Skult is the CEO & Creative Director of MiTale, a game development company from Finland focusing on narrative-driven experiences in mixed reality. She is an active member of the Finnish games industry as Chairperson of IGDA Finland and board member of Neogames and Suomen Pelinkehittäjät Ry. She is one of the founders and elected Chairperson of The Hive – Turku Game Hub (game business center in South-West Finland). Besides industry work, she is active in academic research and teaches courses in game design and game (digital) art production at University of Turku.





Last year's live stream 


TALENT BOOST SUMMIT 2019  November 12th, at Logomo Teatro, Turku 

8.30 Registration & coffee
9.15 Welcoming words by Minister of Employment Timo Harakka (via video) and Migration Director Sonja Hämäläinen, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
9.30 Key note: Very Finnish Solutions by Joel Willans
10.00 Key Note: Terhi Pietari, Ramboll
10.20 OECD Talent Attraction Indicators by Jonathan Chaloff, International Migration Division, OECD
10.40 Fireside chat: It's all about growth and survival – Stories on SMEs' multicultural recruitment

- Jarmo Tanskanen, CEO, Visuon Ltd.
- Ilkka Immonen, CEO, BON Games Ltd.
- Suvi Alavilo, HR Manager, NAPA
- Natasha Skult, MiTaele Ltd.

11.30 Lunch
12.45 Diversity Through Globalizing Local Employment by Johanna Kakkuri, HR Manager, Wärtsilä
13.05 Is the Finnish Labour Market Truly Ready for Internationals? – Panel discussion (Confederation of Finnish Industries, Finnish Business School graduates, Finnish Education Employers, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland) by Mikko Vieltojärvi, Jari Jokinen, Ted Apter and Heikki Holopainen. 

13:35 Parallel sessions & coffee 

  • Session 1 (Teatro Lobby): Changing Roles: From International Talents to Professionals –Ministry for Education and Culture  
  • Session 2 ( GOTO 30): Talent Retention 2030 –Aalto university, city of Espoo, VTT 
  • Session 3 (GOTO 31):Country as a Service: The example of the International House of Estonia - International House Estonia, City of Tampere and Turku Business Region 
  • Session 4 (GOTO 32): Diversity-workshop –Business Finland 
  • Session 5 ( Teatro Lobby): Spouse Matters!  

14.45 Why Does Diversity and Inclusion Matter by Katja Toropainen, Founder, Inklusiiv 
15.05 Art of Internationalisation by Ceyda Berk-Söderblom, Chairperson, Globe Art Point 
15.30 Music, mingling & drinks 
17.00 End of the event     

Panel Sessions introductions:

Session 1. ”Changing Roles - From Int’l Student to Professional”Objective
Place: Teatro-sali 

Exchange of experiences of Higher Education Institutions, employers and international students on attracting talent to study in Finland and becoming employed and staying in Finland.

Ms. Minna Martikainen, Vice Rector, University of Hanken
Mr. Antti Lindqvist, Forest Products’ Engineers
Mr. Owain Dawson, Aalto university doctoral student
Ms. Melissa Plath, University of Jyväskylä, post-graduate student

Mr. Reijo Aholainen, MoEC, senior ministerial adviser and
Ms. Päivi Bosquet, MoEC senior ministerial adviser

Session 2: Talent Retention 2030 –Aalto university, city of Espoo, VTT
Place: GOTO 30

We can attract talent from abroad, but will they feel like home in Finland? What are the future needs in talent retention? How do the language policies and working culture affect the integration and well-being of international talent? 40% of the academic personnel of Aalto University comes from abroad, also VTT Technical Research Center of Finland competes for the best talent globally. According to the population prognosis in the city of Espoo 30% of the working age population will not speak Finnish or Swedish as the mother tongue in 2030. How do organisations react and change when the personnel becomes diverse? Why is regional cooperation essential in talent integration and retention?

Objective: Come to share and learn the best practices from the everyday life of diverse organisations and to co-create with us the future requirements for talent retention.

City as a home of 150 nationalities, Milla Ovaska, Head of International Affairs, Espoo
Sanna Downing VTT
Inclusion and diversity for retention and attraction, Anna Hynynen, HR Specialist & Diversity Officer, Aalto University

Session 3:Country as a Service: The example of the International House of Estonia 
Place: GOTO 31 
Contact persons: Eero Miettinen, 044 481 1652, Lotta Kujanpää 040 722 0333 

We welcome you to our parallel session and to meet our colleagues from Work in Estonia. The session will be focusing on Work in Estonia’s talent attraction and retention services just 90 kilometres south of Helsinki. Our session will be a panel discussion on how and why Work in Estonia established the International House, how it works and what thefuture will be. Session is hosted by cities of Tampere and Turku, which are also developing and implementing International House models in their own ways  

Session 4. Diversitysession –supporting companies and employers on their road to diversity (Business Finland) 
Place: GOTO 32 
Contact persons: Satu Salonen 0503817176, Nuppu Rouhiainen 0505577949 

In the face of talent shortage, more and more companies are expanding their talent pools to include international talents. At the same time many companies lack the know-how on how to recruit internationals, how to manage intercultural teams and how to make the company culture inclusive to people with different backgrounds. This parallel session organized by Business Finland and Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce focuses on how to support companies’ capabilities in becoming more international. Session consists of a company speech by Ramboll, followed by introduction to diversity index and quick testing the first beta version of the diversity index. Welcome! 

Session outline: Why diversity matters and why it is important for companies to be open to people with different backgrounds? Terhi Pietari, HR Director, Ramboll 
Diversity index to help companies become more open and ready for international recruitments 
Satu Salonen, Talent Manager, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, and Nuppu Rouhiainen, Program Manager, Business Finland 
Testing the first diversity index beta version 
Janne Vainikainen, Zef Oy, and Riitta Oinonen, Azets Insight Oy 

Session 5. Spouse Matters
Place: Teatro Lobby  

Spouse matters! - Reflecting talent attraction and retention from the perspective of a spouse.

Chair: Laura Lindeman, Chief Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

Karelle Bélanger, Project Specialist, Tampere University
Megumi Hayashi, Business Advisor, Turku Science Park Ltd.
Tanja Malo, Project Manager, City of Helsinki
Michaela Snopkova, Community Manager, Work in Estonia
Jaana Hernelahti, Director, TE Services

(One-on-one meetings during morning registration 8.30-9.15 and from lunch until the end of the event 11.30-17.00)

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