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Meet Finland in Tokyo 2020

For six months from July to December 2020, Business Finland is operating a newly built wooden Metsä Pavilion in central Tokyo, in the grounds of the Finnish Embassy of Japan. During Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games the pavilion turns into Home of Finland, National Partner House of the Olympic teams.

Meet Finland in 
Tokyo 2020

Welcome to Finland in Tokyo!

Business Finland, together with the Embassy of Finland in Tokyo and Finnish partner companies, will build Metsä Pavilion in the heart of Tokyo, on the grounds of Embassy of Finland. The wooden pavilion is produced by Metsä Group from Finnish wood, grown in sustainably managed forests.

During Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games pavilion operates as the official Olympic National Partner House for the Finnish Olympic and Paralympic teams.

Pavilion is a remarkable platform for Finnish culture and business, and the biggest export campaign to Japan in history. The carrying themes of the pavilion are nature, technology and sustainability.

Metsa Pavilion

(c) Helin & Co Architects

The pavilion will be open until the end of the year 2020. All in all there are 26 weeks, during which Finnish companies and associations use the pavilion as a platform for their events and PR actions. These operating weeks are divided into thematic weeks and special celebrations take place during the opening time of the pavilion.

Business Finland welcomes you to visit the Metsä Pavilion - Home of Finland during our numerous Open House Events. Nähdään siellä, see you there!

Tokyo Pavilion:

Home of Finland 


The Metsä Pavilion is a representative of Finnish wood architecture and Finnish design. Building is constructed of the Kerto LVL® products making it an ecologically sustainable building and efficient project to build. Award-winning Finnish architects Helin & co have designed the Metsä Pavilion.

One of the carrying themes in the pavilion is sustainability, and Kerto LVL® elements enable pavilion to be demolished, sent to another location and rebuilt there. The main idea is to demonstrate to the pavilion visitors how in Finland, wood is used ecologically and sustainably.

The interior is designed by Ulla Koskinen. Interior supports the characteristics of the architecture and it will be light wooden colored and Scandinavian. You will find many familiar Finnish design furniture and decoration inside the pavilion.

Olympic National 
Partner House

During the Olympic Games, in between the morning and evening competitions, the pavilion transforms into Home of Finland, official National Partner House of the Olympic team of Finland. It will operate as the PR center and a quiet retreat for the athletes. Medal celebrations take place in the National Partner House, too!

Tokyo City will have several National Partner Houses during Games, which offer a great opportunity for people to get to experience the various cultures and attractive sightseeing spots. In this case, people literally visit Finland, on Finnish (embassy) land.

A few Open House Events take place during Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Pre-registration is needed. Events are published later.

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