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Blog 08.02.2019

Digital Twin is the new black

What used to take weeks or months, can now be done in minutes or hours. Watch our video to see the beauty of Digital Twin prototyping and testing.
Reijo Smolander

 Senior Advisor, Business Finland
+358 40 552 9681
reijo.smolander (at)

Digital Twin is currently one of the hottest topics in digitalization. The concept has multiple applications in industrial use, but in practice it means simulating things first in computer memory before doing them in the real word.

Digital prototyping cuts down significantly both product development time (30% faster) and prototyping costs (50% lower). However, Digital Twin benefits do not limit to product creation as it opens totally new opportunities and advantages for the entire product use phase. Predicting product’s behavior in different environments, estimating product’s service needs, providing product service warranty, the usage of real product performance information in new product development – these are just few examples of how Digital Twin can provide added value for product users as well as product manufacturers.

Finnish companies like Mantsinen, Mevea and Remion on our video are in the frontline of developing and utilizing Digital Twin. Business Finland is working together with these forerunners to transform their innovative expertise into concrete cases of how Finnish technology is once again changing the world. Hence, Digital Twin is one of the most important themes of our Connected Intelligent Industries Finland program.

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