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Blog 02.03.2022

Innovative Finnish packaging solutions draw attention in Europe

Heidi Kokki

Heidi Kokki, Senior Advisor located in Munich Germany, is leading Business Finland’s export promotion activities in the packaging sector in Europe.  

heidi.kokki (at) 

For over two years the Business Finland Bio & Circular program has been working closely with about 15 Finnish packaging companies which aim to expand their business in Europe.  

This January we kicked off the program’s last year of action and have paid significant attention on our clients’ needs in order to specify how to best use the remaining time. According to Finnish packaging companies’ wishes, the focus markets of this year will be Germany, Sweden, Norway and France. 

Great collaboration leads to positive outcome 

In the past years we have been focusing on matching our innovative packaging offering with big brands such as Nestlé, Henkel, Nomad Foods and Orkla as well as midcap companies especially in Germany and Sweden.  

Our aim is to offer our Finns direct contacts to potential end customers.  

In the past years we have been focusing on matching our innovative packaging offering with Swedish and German medium-sized companies as well as major international brands 

I´m very happy and grateful about the close collaboration with the Finnish companies. This provides us with valuable input to optimize our export promotion activities based on their specific needs.  

Germany continues to be Finland’s special friend 

As part of its circular economy action plan, the European Commission announced the goal to make all packaging fully recyclable by 2030.  Whole Europe is now looking for new sustainable solutions, but Germany remains one of the most interesting markets for many Finnish packaging companies.  

The good thing is, that Germans have a very positive attitude towards Finns and are curious to hear about new solutions – often they even associate sustainable innovations with Finns.  

The whole of Europe is now looking for new sustainable solutions more than ever 

But after making the first contact, there is still a long way to go to a successful cooperation. It´s all about the right timing and current business situation, if and when the cooperation really begins. Overall, the closeness to Finland and at the same time being the largest economy in Europe, there is no doubt that Germany has a huge potential for growing your business. 

Get in touch! 

Do you want to hear more about our upcoming export promotion activities in Europe? You are warmly welcome to message me! 

You can also come and meet me at the PacTec Fair in Helsinki on 18.-19.5.22 on the booth of the Finnish Packaging Association or on stage.

Let’s discuss your company’s internationalization plans!

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