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Blog 01.06.2022

Superpower in smart forestry through innovation cooperation

The Smart Forestry project of Business Finland has identified new business opportunities for Finnish companies in the field of smart forestry solutions. We provide funding, guidance, market information and networks to companies that have the will and ability to enter new markets with competitive solutions. Moreover, the aim is to boost innovation cooperation between the various operators in the forestry value chain in developing joint offerings and future solutions.
Sakari Karppinen

Ecosystem Lead
Business Finland
sakari.karppinen (at)
+358 50 5577 692

Global megatrends are strongly reflected in forest management and the timber supply chain. Challenges include the worsening wood procurement conditions due to climate change, the growing demands for maintaining forest biodiversity, and the reconciliation of the use of wood as a raw material as well as carbon sequestration of forests.

Recently, sanctions against Russia have also affected timber trade and increased demand in substitute markets. Meeting these challenges requires new technological solutions and operating models that can improve the productivity and sustainability of forestry. Finland and the other Nordic countries are at the forefront of the development enabled by digitalization, using technologies that are not yet used elsewhere for analyzing and managing forests.

Finland and the other Nordic countries have technologies that are not yet used elsewhere for analyzing and managing forests.

Market surveys, contacts, and networks

In the early stages of the project, we carried out an analysis of international Smart Forestry markets (pdf). The market analysis identified the most attractive target markets and areas of application for further measures. The geographical assessment took into account factors such as the size and structure of the market and its capacity to adopt a new technology. Business Finland's international network has successfully continued verifying the market analysis locally and identified the most important contacts and networks in the selected target markets.

During the project, we surveyed Finnish expertise and companies' offering in relation to the forestry value chain. Finland is known to have strong expertise in forest management and forest machinery. Our country has developed a growing number of innovative technology companies that provide the forest industry with data and analytics-based services for optimizing forest management and timber supply chains. The Finnish Solutions for Smart Forestry offering (pdf), created as part of the expertise survey, and the video at the beginning of this blog post provide an overview of Finnish Smart Forestry expertise. It is convincing even on a global scale. So far, the material has been actively used in markets such as the USA, Brazil, and Southeast Asia for opening the right doors for Finnish companies.

Tailored services in target countries for your company

When tailoring Business Finland’s services to the needs of a target group, the data collected so far on the target markets and the Finnish offering serve as a starting point. Our experts in the selected target countries advise SMEs on entering new markets and developing exports. We arrange company group visits both from Finland to abroad and from abroad to Finland. High-level delegations and focused business visits can accelerate your company's internationalization, sales, or product development process.

Accelerate your company's internationalization, sales, or product development process with high-level delegations and focused business visits.

Smart Forestry visits are currently being prepared for the South American and Southeast Asian markets. In addition to internationalization services, we provide innovation funding for the development of new products and business. Validated market information is, of course, also a good starting point for planning new research and development projects. Co-Innovation joint projects between companies and research organizations are among Business Finland's key services for developing new skills and competitiveness. Several joint projects are being prepared under the Smart Forestry theme, and the first projects have already begun.

Recently, Business Finland also opened a funding call for research and development work and piloting between Finland and Brazil. This is an interesting opportunity to intensify cooperation and to involve, for example, large Brazilian forest industry companies in innovation cooperation.

As part of this joint effort for the whole of Finland, we want to involve companies with a strong willingness and the ability to proceed into new markets with competitive solutions and services. Finland has a credible global competitive advantage as a supplier and innovator of smart forestry solutions – now is the right time to boost cooperation and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market transformation.

Don't hesitate to contact yours truly! Let's team up to find the best innovation path for you.

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