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Case 29.06.2018

Machinery and equipment easy to locate on the REDI construction site

Construction of the REDI shopping center is under way in the Kalasatama district in Helsinki. Completion is scheduled for fall 2018. A Smart Tracker solution that utilizes Bluetooth technology and employees’ smart phones is used to track the location of lifting platforms on the construction site to enhance on-site productivity.
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Kaltiot Technologies

Kaltio Technologies - or Kaltiot - is working with rental equipment provider Ramirent and construction company SRV in the REDI project, which is one of the biggest construction projects currently in progress in Finland. In addition to the shopping center, the project features eight tower houses. “Smart Tracker can be used on site for tracking rolling stock and equipment, and for locating employees and incoming materials,” says Mira Helakari from Kaltiot.

The total floor area of the REDI shopping center is more than 60,000 square meters, comprising five floors of commercial premises and two floors of parking facilities. Tracking can be tricky due to constant changes on site, numerous subcontractors, and poor network connections in locations such as the underground floors. A construction site is typically divided into indoor and outdoor spaces, necessitating a tracking solution that works everywhere on the site. Power optimization is a key consideration in devices used for rolling stock tracking because continuous power supply is not available.

Ramirent and SRV recognize the benefits of Smart Tracker on a construction site. Productivity on site is often eroded by waiting, looking for tools or equipment, or lack of information. With the tracker providing real-time information on the location of equipment, no working time needs to be spent on finding things. Knowing the exact location of the responsible site manager or other staff is an important security factor, and enables workflow optimization. Smart Tracker shows real-time or latest location of equipment, the route taken, place of use, and utilization rate. It can also monitor and store sensor data regarding materials and working conditions, such as temperature and humidity data for drying concrete. Kaltiot was selected from a pool of 200 companies to take part in the Venture Client program organized by Combient Foundry. It is a program where Finnish industry giants Stora Enso and Kone look for solutions related to the Smart Construction theme.

Applications for air cargo and medicine transport also available

“Finnair also uses our solution to collect data for its Cargo Eye system. We launched this cooperation last fall. First we conducted experiments and collected data on conditions around the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Smart Tracker can also be used for tracking sensitive cargo on its way to destinations in Asia. By being able to provide the opportunity for monitoring cargo conditions during transport, Finnair can offer added value to its customers,” Helakari says.

According to Helakari, the solution is not only cost-effective but also a scalable method for gathering data in a changing environment. In addition to Finnair, other airlines have expressed their interest.

In the transport of medicines, this technology has been used to track ground transport in Finland and Europe. In the transport of medicinal products it is particularly important to maintain stable conditions. “Our goal is to provide an alternative solution for the transport of medicinal products to replace traditional data loggers. Using Bluetooth technology for automatic data collection from sensors is a major innovation. There is no need for physical contact with the sensor, which allows data to be collected from locations such as the intermediate storage facilities where goods are stored. A report containing relevant data is available immediately, allowing immediate reaction,” Helakari points out. Traditionally, loggers are collected after transportation and sent elsewhere to be cleared, which can take several weeks.

Smart Tracker has been in customer use for more than a year. Product development is still ongoing. For now, Kaltiot focuses primarily on the Finnish market, but the solution has attracted interest abroad and the company is now well on its way to conquering global markets. “This type of technology is an integral part of transport, as it helps to select and develop the best possible packaging, and to monitor its condition during transportation,” says Petri Vasara, responsible manager of the Packaging Valley project, which is funded by Business Finland.

Text: Sirpa Mustonen