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Case 05.04.2018

The easier way to profit from social media

In cooperation with Google, the Helsinki-based startup Hookle has found a market for their social media application.
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Tero Seppälä

tel. +358 40 758 6819
tero.seppala (at)

Founded in 2017, Hookle provides a smart and easy-to-use mobile application for entrepreneurs and small businesses to access social media.

"Our target customers may see it as an imposing task to join social media in the first place, let alone manage it, learn to master it, and use it for developing the company. We are not aiming to offer a full-scale platform like for example the industry giants Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Adopting such tools is not particularly simple for the uninitiated. With Hookle's app, the entrepreneur gets his or her company quickly on the social media and can manage the whole easily with one tool. The algorithms calculate how each post spreads through the user and his or her network. The user sees on a scale of 0-100 a number, the Social Splash, that tells whether the post works or not. The more shares, the higher the number," says CEO Tero Seppälä.

The collaboration with Google started through technology.

"We compared the development technologies for mobile apps that we could use to develop our own solution quickly and cost-efficiently. We ran into Google's new technology, Flutter. The technology itself seemed promising and we understood that as an early adopter we could simultaneously build this into a strategic cooperation with Google. We contacted our Google Silicon Valley contacts directly. In a few weeks, we were in a video conference where we agreed on cooperation. In January we traveled to Silicon Valley for Google's DartConf event where we launched the beta version of Hookle together with them."

Google showcase from Finland

Business Finland's Tempo funding has played an important role in Hookle’s evolution. The funding has helped the company with R&D and prototype development, in customer survey and building international activities.

"The next step is to close the funding round. This will help us to grow and internationalize the firm faster. In terms of the product, the next step is Google I/O in May, where Hookle is presented as Google's global showcase. Our long-term goal is to revolutionize the field of managing social media for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We believe that Hookle has excellent potential to be a billion dollar business in the future."

Photo: Hookle