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Case 31.05.2019

The SSA Group plans to revolutionize the utilization of real estate

There are huge numbers of hotels and office buildings in the world. Hotels tend to be empty during the day while offices, on the other hand, tend to be empty in the evenings, nights, and weekends. In order to rationalize the use of real estate properties, the SSA Group will introduce a new concept of multiple uses of real estate and premises called Base concept, which includes all necessary construction, automation and IT systems.
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- The Base concept combines apartments, hotels, and office space in the same building. The triple usage is enabled by the Base Platform ‒ the technology platform created by Base concept, which allows real estates to be operated for various purposes around the clock. The flexible multipurpose use of premises provides both better returns to property owners and better services for residents, hotel guests, and office users, says Teemu Saari of SSA Digi Ltd.

The sharing economy can revolutionize living and housing

Base apartments, hotel rooms, or parts of rooms are sold to residents, users and investors. The idea of traditional ownership has been extended into sharing economy: when you do not use the premises you own, they can be used by someone else and in return, you will receive financial gain.

Renting out your own premises to others has been made easy. The owner relinquishes their rental room to the operator, who will take care of all the obligations and costs related to the use of the room. The rental income is paid to the owner. All of the room owners are owners of the real estate company, in relation to their shareholdings. The ownership not only includes public facilities but also revenue-generating premises, such as a garage, representation and conference rooms, kiosk, gym, and spa department, as well as lobby areas with auditorium.

- Traditionally, the word "occupancy" describes, for example, the number of nights sold as accommodation in hotels or as the monthly rental of offices. The term "occupancy" thus traditionally does not describe what share of a day the property or any of its premises are actually used. The Base concept optimizes the use of each space, making them actually available around the clock, every day of the year, Saari explains.

The first Base hotel to be completed in 2020

The first 440-room hotel under the Base concept will be completed in 2020 at 109 Mannerheimintie street. According to Saari, the construction works are well underway and most of the rooms have already been sold. The goal is to initiate 1‒2 new similar projects each year and to launch the first project abroad in 2021.

The SSA Group's aims at developing the world's most ecological property on the way to a carbon-neutral circular economy. Following the circular economy philosophy, the consumption among the Base concept users is based on the use of services; sharing, renting and recycling, instead of owning things.

- The housing concept that is being developed is a forerunner supporting circular economy – the provision of services is not only resource-efficient but also financially more profitable, providing consumers and users with a sustainable alternative, says Outi Suomi, Manager of the Bio and Circular Finland program of Business Finland.

The Base hotels will include renewable energy production solutions and selected best-performing technologies. According to Saari, the bigger the location is and the bigger the number of people moving around, working, and accommodating is, the better the concept works.

- Metropolitan centers and airport areas, for example, are attractive environments for real estate properties utilizing the Base concept. Our goal is to launch the first project abroad in 2021, Saari adds.

Research related to the Base project is carried out in the "Own it, Rent it, Use it" project, which is part of the Future of Living and Housing (Asumisen tulevaisuus) project (2019‒2021) coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. It includes the mobile documentation system provider Kotopro, the housing companies Cubesta, the SSA Group, Setlementtiasunnot, and the property management companies Taloyhtio.Info, MTR Isännöinti, Walttari, Inno Isännöinti, Runosmäen Lämpö, and Herttuan kiinteistöpalvelu, the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation and Business Finland. . The prerequisite for the concept to work is the success of the massive development project combining digitization, automation, and building technology – but in return, the benefits can be significant for the entirety of society.

Text: Sirpa Mustonen, Motiva
Photos: SSA Group