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Case 10.11.2020

Addcomposites: Just add composites

Addcomposites was born from a simple, but tricky question: what if advanced satellite structures could be manufactured in every manufacturing facility around the world?
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This is difficult because satellite structures use very advanced materials which need advanced manufacturing techniques. This usually means that expensive machinery is a necessity.

The unique plug-n-produce solution from Addcomposites is the AFP-XS, a compact tool which can either be integrated into most preexisting industrial robots or supplied as a complete cell solution.

The solution is on sale as a full package, and available for lease on a monthly basis. This means that customers can implement advanced manufacturing for only a few thousand euros, thus reducing the acquisition cost many times over.

Addcomposites’ software allows visual programming of the robot which performs the required tasks and evaluates the quality of the product.

This technology can be used to produce solar panels, satellite structures and many other items consisting of various fiber and resin matrix materials. It is three times faster and 15 times more cost efficient than other traditional methods.

The company is based in Otaniemi, Espoo, and has its roots in a research project at the Aalto University. The international group wanted to develop a compact fiber placement attachment for industrial robots and decided to create a company to commercialize this technology.

Addcomposites is also one of the ESA BIC Finland's alumnis.

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Text and video: Jari Mäkinen
Photo: Addcomposites