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Case 10.03.2020

Finland is the ideal place to create our brand

Startup Spilhus has selected Finland as the best place to create a strong brand for its children’s playhouses, textile toys and home décor items, with an emphasis on eco-friendly and ethical materials, safety and gender-neutral design.

“Finland is a known leader in the textile and fashion industry both in terms of design and quality. ‘Finnish design’ and ‘Finnish quality’ are globally known. So we wanted to make Finnish nature and the Finnish way of life essential design elements in our products,” says Olga Vaulina, who has started this startup project together with her business partner Elena Kananovich.

Spilhus is currently working with Aalto University to create its branded collection and has established manufacturing partners in Finland and Estonia.

“We try to combine new directions concerning the development of preschool children and children’s room décor. One of the important things that distinguishes our brand from similar products on the market is the gender neutrality of our product. We develop products that are suitable for both girls and boys.”

Support from Business Finland and Cursor Oy

Spilhus presented its business idea to Business Finland’s Senior Advisor Olga Makeeva in St. Petersburg and received useful information on setting up business in Finland, work and residence permits as well as information on the financial support available to foreign startups.

“We were pleasantly surprised to find out what kind of support is provided for startups in Finland,” says Olga Vaulina.

Business Finland also introduced Spilhus to Cursor Oy, the regional development company of the Kotka-Hamina area in South-East Finland, which led to Spilhus joining Kotka’s LevelUp business accelerator in 2019. Cursor Oy supports local entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas to fruition.

“We now have two people working in Kotka and hope to establish a strong, 5-7 person team here in the coming years. In five years, we will definitely be known all over Europe and other international markets. We also have many other ideas that can be realised here in Finland in the design and textile area.”

For more information please contact

Olga Makeeva, Senior Advisor

olga.makeeva (at)
+7 921 330 3146
St. Petersburg, Russia