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Case 02.03.2020

Verkotan: Wireless connections testing know-how

Oulu is a Finnish city – Finland's Radio Valley known for its technology industry and especially its know-how in wireless communications. Verkotan is one of the companies in this high-tech ecosystem.
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Located in a building at the corner of Linnanmaa Technopolis, the world inside Verkotan's facility is anything but modest: several futuristic test chambers with their iconic blue cones on the walls dumping radio waves, an electronics laboratory for modifying test subjects and facilities for studying the penetration of radio waves in different kinds of tissues. And much more.

Although the majority of Verkotan's customers are not dealing with the space industry, its connection with the field is still very clear. Satellites in space travel without a physical cable connection, relying solely on a radio link.

For the space-faring customers, Verkotan is mostly testing antennas. They can be very large ones used at ground stations, but there is also an increased interest in very small, capable antennas for micro- and nanosatellites.

Verkotan has always developed their own tailored test solutions in a flexible manner, which is also usually necessary in satellite solutions. Solutions, which are typically unique, special and highly optimized.

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Video and text: Jari Mäkinen