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Helsinki 5.2.2018

Latin America Health Day

Team Finland House
Porkkalankatu 1, Helsinki

Our market experts will tell about specific health projects and busines leads identifyed in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru.

Registration: here

After the short seminar style sessions, you will have an opportunity to reserve one-to-one discussions in order to discuss in further detail possible next steps with our market experts.

The event will be held at the Team Finland House, Porkkalankatu 1, Helsinki.


9-9.30 Registration & Welcome

9.30 – 10.00 BRAZIL

Several Laboratories are announcing expansions through new units and renovations and enlargement of existing units. In Brazil demand is focusing on lab equipment, implants, dental equipment, and radiological or diagnostic imaging equipment.

Healthcare spending accounted for 9.5% of Brazil’s GDP in 2015. Spending in this sector has grown by over 50% from 2006, reaching USD 166.8 billion. This makes Brazil the 9th largest healthcare market in the world.

Brazil, Bruno Leiniö  

10-10.30 CHILE

Chilean private health care and clinics are looking to modernize their hospital equipment and digitalize patient infrastructure. There is a need for environmentally sustainable solutions from recycling, digitalization, patient infrastructure, process and administration systems and control to hospital technology. Private hospitals account for considerable share of Chilean health care and the share is likely to increase in the wake of the new, more market liberal government.

Chile spent 11.3 billion euros on public healthcare in 2016. Total of 10.2% of the overall spend on healthcare was allocated on diabetes (2014). The number of diabetics in Chile is the highest in South America, as there are over 1 700 000 diabetics in Chile (2017).

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Chile, Maria Ala-Kaila 

10.30-11.00 MEXICO

Currently, a Mexican company is interested in Finnish solutions in eHealth, in order to develop a Virtual Hospital at Home project in Mexico. In 2004, Mexico created a public health insurance called “Seguro Popular” which in 2014 reach a coverage of 50 million Mexicans. The government of Mexico spends the equivalent to 6.2% of the GDP in Health.

To guarantee the constitutional right of access to internet, the Federal Government has program called “Mexico Conectado” that has the objective to provide connectivity through deployment of Telecommunication Networks in Public Places such as Health Centers and Schools. This is also an excellent enabler of opportunities for digitalization in the Health sector.

Mexico,  Juan Pablo Romero      

10.30-11.00 PERU

In particular, the private clinics are heavily focusing on digitalization. Peru also still has a big gap in infrastructure, medical devices, and trained personnel among other. This is one of the main reasons; the investment in new clinics and specialized care-centers with high-tech medical devices has been profitable for many companies.

The Peruvian Government allocates 5.5% of their GDP to the health sector. The investment in this sector has been doubled in the last five years with an average yearly investment of 491 million EUR. In 2016, the investment rose to 3230 million EUR, which 60% was for infrastructure, 30% for medical devices and 10% for furniture.

11 -11.30 Company case – TBC

11.30- 17 Pre-agreed meetings with market experts

Peru, Jorge Fernandez          

It is possible to enjoy a self-paid lunch at the Team Finland House Sodexo canteen Ravintola Laituri, while waiting for your meetings (

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