Webinar 28.5.2019

Future Watch webinar: Transformations shaping future care paradigms in the healthcare industry

Webinar at 1 - 2 pm

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Smart Life Finland program offers a serie of webinars on future healthcare.  The events are delivered by Frost&Sullivan. This is the first event. See what is coming next.


Opening and host: Hanna Rantala / Business Finland

Future watch: Transformations shaping future care paradigms in the healthcare industry, Kamaljit Behera / Frost and Sullivan

Key presentation objectives of the webinar

  • Understand the mega trends and emerging trends driving the future of healthcare
  • Look at the transformations in care delivery, including the drivers and economic imperatives for anytime, anywhere care
  • Understand the shift towards patient-centric care and personal wellbeing
  • Discuss the transformation of business models
  • Take away key predictions in the Healthcare market

The healthcare sector is undergoing transformation and rapid change in order to become both impactful and sustainable. With a rising incidence of chronic diseases, ageing population and patients presenting with more complex medical conditions, healthcare systems around the world are embracing new care models that enable more access, are preventative and predictive in nature, use technologies that support collaborative care and eventually result in higher clinical impact. These new models will accelerate the shift from cure-based to preventative medicine in the healthcare sector, with a focus on proactive care. Future healthcare expenditure will focus less on treating diseases and more on prevention, diagnosis and monitoring. As a result, treatment options will move to a more collaborative and shared model. Future healthcare delivery will also focus on personalised medicine that revolves around a more customised model of care.

A range of trends are driving the move to more personalised, preventative healthcare, including the Internet of Things, 5G connectivity, blockchain, wearables, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing and personal genomics, and the new healthcare ecosystem creates many global opportunities for a variety of players, solution developers and integrators.


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