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London 13.11.2019

Pioneering innovations in smart manufacturing in Finland

Ambassador's Residence
14 Kensington Palace Gardens
London W8 4QP

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Roy Meredith
Senior Advisor - UK, Invest In Finland
Business Finland
+44 (0)7591 387624
roy.meredith (at)

Finland is a global leader in digitalisation and innovation, creating factories of the future, via its investment in IoT and 5G, its collaborative, connected and transformational ecosystems and its world class research & innovation organizations, all revolutionising the competitiveness of manufacturing industry and creating international market-leading opportunities for companies.

Hundreds of companies including Nokia 5G, ABB, GE Healthcare, BASF, Murata, Mercedes together with R&D organisations and SMEs work together to rapidly digitalize production and operational facilities and actively collaborate within the ecosystems, all contributing toward Finland’s factories of the future.

Come and discover the collaboration and innovation opportunities for your business and hear from key players who are already operating and innovating in Finland.

Confirmed speakers:

Business Finland Mr Roy Meredith, Senior Adviser – “Beyond Industry 4.0 in Finland”

Ecosystems, collaborations, 5G & 6G, funding, innovations and digitalisation are core elements in Finland’s industrial culture, contributing to the country’s pioneering role in developing factories of the future

BAE Systems, Mr John Rossal, Head of Industrialisation Europe & Asia

DIMECC / Intelligent Industry Ecosystem, Mr Kari Muranen, Senior Ecosystem Lead - “Digital Transformation of industrial companies and industrial data excellence”

If digitalization is defined by transforming physical facts and functions into digital format, Intelligent Industry Ecosystem focuses on refining this digital data into functional, physical products and services. Turning data into physical reality fulfills the transformation of the manufacturing industry into the Intelligent Industry opening the flood gates for the seamless utilization of better, more effective, customized products and services.

Fastems Oy, Harri Nieminen, Head of Innovation Development & Research at Fastems Oy

The next wave of ecosystem thinking is hitting the manufacturing industry. How manufacturing and automation solutions, based on intelligence, digitalization, integration and agile manufacturing are revolutionizing industry. 

Printocent VTT, Mr Jukka Jaatinen, Co-Creation Manager, “Printed Intelligence Ecosystem” 

Printed intelligence components, systems and products, from pilot production to early market trials. Ranging from rapid disposable diagnostics, smart flexible lighting, wearable products to Internet-of-Things with sensors and energy harvesting, within an open access environment

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Mr. Howard Rupprecht, VP Manufacturing Services/CEO VTT Memsfab Ltd:  “Efficient development and manufacturing of specialty semiconductor components.”

Through open access to technology platforms, and unique facilities, a vibrant ecosystem of local and international companies are creating innovative new semiconductor components for sensing and communications applications

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. There are only a few places left.
If you would like to attend, please RSVP to
pbourcet (at)  at your earliest convenience, or contact Pauline Bourcet on 0208 457 4304.