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Webinar 15.6.2020

#Shifthappens: State of Digital across Industrial and Energy Markets



A presentation by Frost & Sullivan


Today, industrial markets are reactive in approaches and digital transformation will help organizations become predictive and preventative. Organizations run the risk of becoming harmful latency enterprises, which means customers will predict issues that will happen and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Frost & Sullivan invites you to join Ram Ramasamy, Industry Director, to help identify the best path forward through digital chaos and avoid common pitfalls that many in the industry have experienced.

Key Findings:

  • Learn about the significant industrial shifts and enabling technologies driving customer journeys
  • Understand the transformative shifts, impact of COVID-19 (macro analysis and scenarios) across industrial and energy markets
  • Engage internally and externally, as digital is not about technology implementation but change and culture management
  • Identify customer segments you need to target, based on their digital maturity
  • Discover digital growth opportunities

Key Conclusions

The presentation will conclude these 3 key messages:

  • Why should you care about digital?
  • Who should you sell to? Understand customer case studies.
  • What should you focus as key growth platforms?
  • How should you differentiate?

Why you should attend

This presentation will be valuable for leaders in industrial and energy space. Anyone who would like to have an understanding of the state of digital can participate in this briefing.

The Presenter Ram Ramasamy is an industry expert with 14+ years of manufacturing operations management and strategy consulting experience. He is passionate about creating growth opportunities for clients and tracks horizontal markets such as Digital Industrial Platforms, Industrial IoT, Analytics (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning), Enterprise quality management, Digital software, Digital twins, Drones, Services 2.0 and Ecosystem Partnerships. Ram successfully worked on multiple client projects around digital strategy, enabling digital products, commercialization models across diverse end-markets: Industrials - Process, Discrete and Hybrids. He specializes in large bespoke consulting engagement and growth strategy development. His clients are spread across industrial, ICT and energy.