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Webinar 18.10.2021

Business Opportunities in the Battery Sector in Central Europe

Time: 13:00 (EEST)


Further information

Anna Lomza, Advisor
anna.lomza (at)

Luke Kähkönen, Program Coordinator
luke.kahkonen (at)

As the Central Europe battery market is experiencing rapid changes nurturing the bloom of the local battery ecosystems, Business Finland continues to invest in the battery industry.

By 2025, one or two gigafactories are expected to be built in the Czech Republic, one in Slovakia and there are two new Li-ion battery manufacturers predicted to start production in Romania. Thanks to the large presence of carmakers producing in the region and switching to electric drives, the li-ion cell manufacturing capacity is estimated to ramp up to over 150 GWh and the size of battery market to reach the value €8.6 billion in Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania by 2025, and is forecasted to grow even faster afterwards

Who should participate in the webinar?

  • Finnish suppliers of technologies and services towards battery manufacturing companies
  • Finnish suppliers of technologies and services with offering for broader energy ecosystem
  • Other companies interested in business opportunities in the battery value chain

Join us for the webinar during which we will tell you more about the developments in four Central Europe markets – Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.