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Online 20.9.2021

Call for applications: UK Diagnostic Industry Programme

Express your interest directly to SEHTA ( our partner in this programme, by 20th September.

More information

Meria Heikelä
Director, Business Finland, London
meria.heikela (at)
+44 778 715 3014


Janna Mure
Senior Advisor, London, United Kingdom
janna.mure (at)
+44 78 4123 3734

We are pleased to introduce you to The Smart Life Finland's UK Diagnostic Industry Programme which is part of the targeted activities for the manufacturing industry. This programme is free for you, as Business Finland supports this programme which aims to find a suitable distributor for 6-8 companies that will be selected for the programme. The selection is done by SEHTA.

You can express your interest directly to SEHTA (, our partner in this programme, by 20th September.  Their questionnaire will be the basis for the first selection of companies. This selection will be done solely by SEHTA who will also decide which companies will be selected for the detailed discussions.

Those who took part in the UK Diagnostic Seminar on 2nd September found out about the vast opportunities that this sector offers. Download the presentation from the seminar.

Next steps in this programme would be as follows:

  1. 1-1 Discussions with SEHTA – based on 30 mins with each interested company , max 15, preselection of the 15 companies done also by SEHTA.
  2. 1-1 Chance of success analysis/assessment (= analysing the chance of success of the Finnish company)
  3. Distributor/Customer Identification /Search – 1-3 for each selected 6-8 companies
  4. Meetings with Distributor/Customers Identified /Searched – max 3 meetings per company