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Virtual event 25.3.2021

Event to match international talents in Finland with the Finnish companies

9:00-10:30 (event program)
10:30-14:00 (matchmaking)

More information

Katri Raevuori

Business Finland, Talent Boost

katri.raevuori (at)

This event is to match international talents in Finland with the Finnish companies. It is organized by EK and Business Finland. 

The event is targeted for companies that operate in Finland and are in need of talents and international talents in Finland that are interested in working while studying and/or finding a job after their studies. 

There are a lot of international talents in and graduating from Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences that are looking for opportunities for summer jobs, internships as well as entry level positions. 

This event is all about bringing these talents & companies together! Especially at these times when it is difficult to fill the possible shortages of employees from outside Finland – why not look into the talented people already in Finland?

Preliminary schedule & topics

AGENDA for all
9:00 Welcome words: Taina Susiluoto, EK and Nina Kopola, Business Finland

9:15 Agenda for companies

  • Funding & Services available for companies, Joonas Halla, Business Finland
  • Jobteaser intro for companies, Antoine Pingeot, Job Teaser
  • India activities and events, Santeri Ojala, Business Finland     
  • Company case: How has diversity improved the company culture?

9:15 Agenda for talents              

  • What steps to take after graduating if seeking for opportunities in Finland, Katri Raevuori, Business Finland
  • Tips for finding a job in Finland, Marina Velkova, Barona 
  • Sievo introduction to a diverse international organization, Janina Kurki, Sievo
  • Jobteaser intro for talents, Emilie Polak, Job Teaser

AGENDA for all
10:00 Greetings from Miriam Holstein, chair of EK's International Business Club
10:10 Talent stories from Finland
10:20 Closing & matchmaking
10.25-10.30 Small break
10:30-14:00 Matchmaking as “Speed dates” for companies and talents - 15 minute sessions