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Virtual event 16.9.2021

Finland Day at Start up September

Time: 14:30 (Finnish time) | 5pm (Indian time)

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India-Finland Startup Hub – The unique collaboration between Business Finland and Headstart Network Foundation aims to bridge Indian and Finnish startup ecosystems, for deep collaboration

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Business Finland and Headstart Network are joining hands with the support of partners from both India & Finland, to dedicate a day to India-Finland Startup ecosystem. The event is part of Headstart Network Foundations Startup September event series, which is a month-long celebration of the Startup Ecosystem in India. LinkedIn community.


14:30 (Finnish time) Introduction to the Startup Ecosystems of Finland & India
Lars Hagebris, Director, International operations, Invest in Finland, Business Finland
Amit Singh, Founder, Headstart
Shivangi Jain, Assistant Vice President, Invest India

14:50 (Finnish time) Starting up in Finland
Puneet Thakur, Head of Invest in and Innovation collaboration, India, Business Finland
Harjoth Singh, Founder,
Lars Hagebris, Director, International operations, Invest in Finland, Business Finland

15:20 (Finnish time) Enabling Strong Startup Ecosystems in India & Finland
Patrik Holopainen, CEO, Kiuas
Mirza Sagdati, Founder, Red Brick Accelerator
Divya Pritwani – AIC-MUJ
Amey Mashelkari – JioGenNext
Moderated by: Gautham Sivaramakrishnan, Headstart

16:00 (Finnish time) Fireside Chat: Research to Business funding
Dr. Mika Tirronen, Counsellor of Education and Science, Embassy of Finland
Jaana Rantanen, Senior Advisor, Business Finland
Prof Suresh – IIM BangaloreProf Narayan – IIT Madra Bioincubator

16:30 (Finnish time) Future is Made in Finland
Santeri Ojala, Project Manager, Second Secretary, Talent Boost India

16:40 (Finnish time) Making Cross Border Collaboration Smoother – Launch of Slack Community
Aarzoo Jain, Manager – Community & International Ecosystems