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Hybrid 23.- 25.11.2021

Finnish Home & Living Week in Seoul, South Korea

Venue: Hybrid - online via Teams and locally from Seoul

register by 30 October

Further information

Ms. Gloria Choi
Business Finland, South Korea
Mobile: +82 10 2718 8998
gloria.choi (at)

Mr. Jani Toivanen
Business Finland, South Korea
Mobile: +82 10 7265 3164
jani.toivanen (at)

Are you interested in gaining valuable market feedback for your products from Korean buyers? Business Finland is organizing a virtual meet-the-buyer event 23-25 November, 2021 in South Korea focusing on Home-accessories and Living-products. Companies joining the event will have the chance to meet and discuss with Korean importers and distributors to gain feedback on your products potential in the South Korean market.

Why Korea?

  • Being a home to 51 million people on a small area, South Korea offers a dynamic consumer market as well as advanced domestic industries with a global reach
  • Korean consumers have high purchasing power with 22,000 USD of average household net adjusted disposable income per capita
  • EU-Korea FTA entered into force in 2011 providing the biggest market liberalization in years by eliminating duties for nearly all EU’s agricultural exports
  • Korean is the 3rd largest online shopping market in the world
  • Well-being trend boosts sales of premium, safe, healthy, sustainability and organic products
  • Finnish products have a favorable image as safe and high-quality but less awareness

What changes in the market has opened up this opportunity?

Home is the place where the biggest change since covid-19. Due to the non-face-to-face daily life, we do many activities at home such as working from home, online classes, mini-concerts at home, home café, live commerce, and home-training have emerged as major trend keywords. As we do various activities at home more than ever, furniture is also more of a multi-functional function that can be used in various ways. Indeed, interest in the house led to the purchase of diverse home styling products, planteior and the self-interiors also increased. On the other hand, there was a growing desire for a penthouse and luxury housing.

Companies and sectors benefitting from this opportunity
  • Finnish Living and design products
  • Finnish Home accessories and small appliance
Activities available for Finnish companies

Event: Virtual Finland Home & Living Week 2021 Seoul
Business Finland will organize a hybrid B2B event in November 2021
Date: Tue 23 - Thu 25 November, 2021
Event type: Virtual meeting and Showroom in Seoul
Theme: Home-accessories and Living-products
Note: Minimum 5 brands required for the event to be realized

By participating you will get
  • Introduction to Korean Consumer market trends and achieve deeper insight into the market
  • Online B2B meetings with market players, tailored to your current needs
  • A quickstart to your promotion once you find a partner in our B2BC plan in the future
Process and timeline
  1. Register your participation by October 30, 2021
  2. Orientation session on 1st week of November
  3. Send your samples to Business Finland office in Seoul by 12 November, 2021 (Brands should consider time for customs and delivery)
  4. Online B2B meetings held during 23-25 November, 2021, exact date and time may vary by company