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Webinar 20.5.2021

Digital Trends in Energy & Power by Frost & Sullivan

Time: 13:00-14:00 (Finnish time)


Further information

Luke Kähkönen, Program Coordinator
luke.kahkonen (at)

Business Finland Smart Energy program and Frost & Sullivan welcome you to a webinar about Digital Trends in Energy & Power. More information below.

Navigating the energy transition requires an inclusive approach towards digitalization. The advancements in technology over the past five years has placed digitalization on the fast track, spurring market incumbents to strengthen their digital value propositions to address challenging scenarios from the market. With energy transition expected to accelerate, Frost & Sullivan has undertaken an analysis on key digital trends that are vital for future digital planning efforts.  Our analysis centers around technology convergence, digital platforms, and frontline workforce optimization digital themes.


  • Why should technology not be viewed in isolation?
  • Which areas in power sector do digital offerings play a key role?
  • What value do digital solutions offer for asset owners?
  • What are the risks of falling behind on digitalization?
  • How can Frost & Sullivan assist in your digital transformation journey

Key Findings

  • The total digital market within the power industry is expected to grow from $29.6B in 2020 to $37.4B at a CAGR of 4.9%.
  • Solution providers will align themselves to one of the three layers, with innovation on business models driving revenue monetization.
  • Ageing assets, plants, and workforce are the 3 forces that will drive an exponential adoption of connected business models.
  • Sustainability, digitalization, decentralization, and business models are the 4 underlying factors for future industrial transformation. Influencing the 4 models will be the need to build resilience and lower the financial risk for customers.