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Online 23/11

Green transition within textiles – Comparing National roadmaps

10 – 11.30 CET / 11 – 12.30 EET



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Sinianna Kuosmanen
Project coordinator
sinianna.kuosmanen (at) 

If we were to create a common Nordic roadmap in textile industry, what would that look like? Business Finland welcomes you to hear about visionary roadmaps and goals in relation to the future of the textile industry. How will we shape the future and how can these goals be achieved? 

The purpose of this webinar is to share visions, goals, milestones, and initiatives in a context of visionary roadmaps in relation to the future of the textile industry. We will hear about roadmaps from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The webinar is targeted for fashion brands, textile manufacturing companies, researchers, textile green transition influencers, companies related to robotics, AI, digitalization and other innovation companies providing solutions for textile industry and for everyone interested in green transition in textile industry. Attendance is free of charge, however, requires a registration by 22 November 2021. 


  • Betina Simonsen, CEO, Lifestyle & Design Cluster, Denmark
  • Taina Kamppuri, Senior Scientist, VTT, Finland
  • Ulrika Simonsson, Sustainability manager, TEKO, Sweden
  • Kathryn Tims, Delivery Manager for textiles voluntary agreements, WRAP, UK
  • Lynne Walker, Director of Primark cares, Primark, UK

Main moderator: Johanne Stenstrup, Project coordinator, Lifestyle and design cluster, Denmark
Assistant moderator & chat: Marika Ollaranta, Head of low carbon and circular economy, Business Finland


  • Welcome & short intro to the topic
  • Denmark presents the Danish roadmap ’Circular Economy with a focus on plastics and textiles. A 2030 & 2050 roadmap’. Presentation by Betina Simonsen
  • Finland presents the Finnish roadmap ’Finland as a forerunner in sustainable and knowledge-based textile industry – Roadmap for 2035’. Presentation by Taina Kamppuri
  • Short Q&A with Denmark and Finland 
  • Sweden presents visions about the Swedish roadmap to come. Presentation by Ulrika Simonsson
  • UK presents ‘Textile 2030’. Presentation by Kathryn Tims
  • UK company Primark presents their work with the 2020 Clothing Action Plan. Presentation by Lynne Walker
  • Discussion with all speakers and Q&A from audience
  • Round off