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Webinar 8.11.2021

Growth Opportunity in Green Hydrogen Production by Frost & Sullivan

Time: 13:00-14:00 (Finnish time)


Further information

Luke Kähkönen, Program Coordinator
luke.kahkonen (at)

Business Finland Smart Energy Program and Frost & Sullivan are organizing a webinar regarding Growth Opportunities in Green Hydrogen Production.

Electrolysis technology offers several advantages such as production of carbon-neutral fuel, integration of renewable energies, facilitation of the electricity grid balance and enhancement of sustainable use of surplus energy production. The research study focuses on the emerging innovations and the latest achievements in the Electrolyser Technologies. 

The findings and growth opportunities depicted in this presentation will help to drive the economic growth and technology revolution of the electrolyzer industry. The study highlights the necessity for electrolysis technology and discusses the major challenges faced by technology development in gaining wide-scale market adoption and competitiveness.

The presentation will touch

  • Electrolyser Technologies – Technology evolution, overview and current technology trends 
  • Main fuel cell technologies 
  • Factors driving adoption and development of technology 
  • Key properties, drawbacks and challenges for deployment 
  • Electrolysis technologies comparison 
  • Growth opportunities in Electrolyser Technologies