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Webinar 7.12.2021

Health Tuesday: E3 - Excellence in Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions

At 8:00-10:15

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Sampo Sammalisto
Head of Personalized Health Finland Program
sampo.sammalisto (at)
+358 50 584 1100

COVID-19 has shown how vulnerable societies all over the world are against pandemics. It has drastically restricted the everyday life of people, shut down important functions of society and business, and even caused regional lockdowns. There were practically no effective countermeasures to use, but what if such would be a place the next time? Improving economic and societal resilience to face future pandemics is the core mission of the E3 Co-innovation project. 

The work already conducted in the preparative Co-Creation projects AIRCO, L2B, and TUPA has created a solid foundation to execute this work rapidly. The Co-Creation projects have developed new tools for simulation and experimental work related to virus aerosols.

If you want to learn more about this exciting and rapidly growing area of indoor health safety, join our Health Tuesday event.

Read more on E3 Co-innovation project.


8.00 Opening Words
Sampo Sammalisto, Head of Personalized Health Finland, Business Finland

8.05 Preventing respiratory infections in indoor environments
Pekka Nuorti, Professor of Epidemiology, Tampere University

8.20 Preparing for the next pandemic - research-based solutions
Aku Karvinen, Senior Scientist, VTT

8.35 Smart Hospital
Jukka Vasara, Vice President, Granlund Oy

8.50 Closing words
Sampo Sammalisto, Head of Personalized Health Finland, Business Finland

9.00 Health Tuesday event ends

9.15 Market Opportunities roundtable for Finnish companies: Health sector business opportunities in Poland related to Recovery and Resilience facility
Moderated by: Agnieszka Wrobel, Senior Advisor, Business Finland, Warsaw
Poland’s National Recovery Plan outlines a future strategy focused on reconstruction, expansion and modernization of the healthcare entities, retrofitting with modern medical equipment, and implementation of the necessary infrastructure improvements. Come and hear about the opportunities available for Finnish health technology companies in Poland related to RRF, infection control, digitalization, etc.

10.15 Roundtable session ends