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Online 5.10.2021

India–Finland New Space Economy Meetup

Video recording of Business Finland's online event for Indian and Finnish companies in the space sector, on Tuesday, 5 October 2021.

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Markus Hentunen, Business Finland
Program Coordinator
markus.hentunen (at)



Puneet Thakur, Invest in Finland, Business Finland
Head of Invest In and Innovation Collaboration
puneet.thakur (at)

Business Finland organized a virtual event with possibility to network for Indian and Finnish companies in the New Space Sector.

The New Space sectors in both India and Finland have been developing in a rapid speed over the past few years, with new innovative companies entering the global market. The aim of the event is to bring together companies from both countries and encourage exploring the business opportunities in India and Finland respectively. We will also provide an overview of the current business landscape and discuss how Indian and Finnish New Space companies can jointly address the emerging opportunities throughout the new space value chain, covering especially the downstream services but also to certain extent the mid- and upstream opportunities, and solve global challenges.

After the event, the participants were offered the possibility to network and meet with other attendees one-to-one on the virtual platform.


Opening Words, Dr. Jukka Holappa, Country Director, Business Finland in India

Welcome Address – H.E. Ms. Ritva Koukku-Ronde, Ambassador of Finland to India

Special Address by Indian Embassy in Finland – H.E. Mr. Raveesh Kumar, Ambassador of India to Finland

Introduction to Finnish New Space Economy – Mr. Markus Ranne, Head of New Space Economy Program, Business Finland

  • What’s happening in the NSE in Finland, what are the strongholds in the Finnish NSE (knowhow, technology, academia and research, ecosystems and collaboration) 
  • Some future applications being developed in Finland 
  • Why is Finland a good location to set up a New Space business / Invest in perspective: why Finland is a good location to have a European HQ 
  • Access the EU market and ESA collaboration from Finland
  • Business Finland to support in smooth landing

Introduction to Indian New Space Economy – Mr. Narayan Prasad, Co-Founder and COO, and Partner at SpacePark Kerala, India 

  • Commercial Space Ecosystem and Trends in India
  • Shifting dynamics in the space industry
  • Startups; Key features of New Space startups from India
  • Policy: What you need to know
  • How to successfully operate in the Indian market and how to complete the business case in India. Features of the Indian Space value chain. 

Panel Discussion: How can Indian and Finnish New Space companies jointly address the emerging opportunities and solve global challenges? – Company participants:

  • From Finland: Andrey Shumakov, Regional Director, APAC, ICEYE and Svante Henriksson, Founder and CEO, Skyfora
  • From India: Narayan Prasad, Co-Founder and COO,, Devleen Bhattacharjee, Founder and CEO, Numer8 and Anirudh N Sharma, Co-founder & CEO of Digantra.