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Webinar 22.6.2021

Online workshop: Doing business in Denmark

Online workshop 22.6. at 10:00-11:30 EEST


Further information

Emmi Nahi
emmi.nahi (at)
+358 50 433 7122

Denmark – a wonderful and tough gateaway to international markets.

Denmark is the home country of numerous internationally successful fashion brands, and consequently a most interesting market for Finnish SMEs with sustainable solutions for any segment or process of the fashion business. Although Denmark is geographically not far away, many Danish aspects in doing business may surprise us Finns. In a relatively small country there is no room for mistakes, though luckily the good reputation spreads fast, too. Knowledge of Danish culture and ways of doing business are needed both for acquiring the first Danish customers and maintaining a fruitful working environment to all parties. 

Welcome to an online workshop of 1,5 hours regarding the Danish business culture. The workshop will provide answers for following questions, amongst others:

  • What should you know about the Danish business culture in order to reach out to the Danes?
  • What should you consider in your own approach in order to give a professional and likable impression?
  • Differences between Danish and Finnish values and lifestyle, also compared to Sweden.

The workshop will be led by Sissi Silván who has lived and worked in Scandinavia for years, and for the past ten years in Denmark. She knows the Danish business culture in and out… below the jovial surface Danes are quite critical and aware of their precious time, thinking from the first moment what´s in it for me?

The event will be held in Finnish. The maximum number of participants is 30.