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Webinar 7.5.2021

Online workshop for textile companies

Online workshop 7.5. at 10:00-11:00


Further information

Emmi Nahi
emmi.nahi (at)
050 433 7122

Global demand for solutions supporting sustainable development is growing rapidly. Our customers aim to find solutions to decrease the carbon footprint, material consumption and plastic usage, and to promote circularity of textile industry. 

Bio & Circular Finland program arranges a monthly online workshop to our customers in sustainable textile business. In these meetings we cover the field's recent and international events, plan activities that support our goals and enable the mutual networking between Finnish companies. The goal of these workshops is to support the growth of companies that produce sustainable solutions for textile industry. 
Now we are recruiting new companies.  
We are looking for innovative Finnish companies aiming to make the textile industry more sustainable. Participating companies should have potential and willingness to grow and to internationalize. We are looking for solutions to the textile value chain as a whole. 
Please register to the workshop through the link.