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Webinar 16.3.2021

Horizon Europe: Reading a call text

Webinar 16.3.2021 at 15-16 EET


Please register through the link by March 15th.


Further information

Toni Mattila

toni.mattila (at)

Tel. +358 40 500 9909

Horizon Europe Program 2021-2027 has a budget of 95,5  billion euros for R&D&I, and every cent will be shared. You can have your fair share of it, but now it’s time to start planning how to do it.

To support you in this task, Sustainable Manufacturing Finland program arranges altogether eleven EU infos on Tuesday afternoons. You can find more information on Towards EU oriented future program page.

This event is a part of Sustainable Manufacturing EU Proposal Clinic track, which provides hands-on hints and tricks for proposal building practices. The events of this track are organized on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

16.3. agenda
  • Heini Günther, Business Finland
  • Eeva Viinikka, Business Finland program partner, Spinverse
  • Experiences from coordinating Charm ECSEL 2020 project, Dr. Heikki Kettunen, Valmet