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Webinar 28.9.2021

Sustainable Building Now

Time: 10:00 - 11:30 (Finnish time)


Further Information

Kaisa Nikkanen, Advisor
kaisa.nikkanen (at)
+47 97198361

Team Finland in Norway brings together experts within sustainable building solutions at the Sustainable Building Now webinar on 28th September (9-10:30 am CET) at Oslo Innovation Week 2021.

The event covers sustainable building from different angles - from architecture and design to networks and clusters and sustainable construction materials.

We seek to:

  • Inspire: How can architects and designers influence the sustainability of buildings?
  • Activate: How can existing networks and clusters within sustainable construction help Finnish and Norwegian businesses?
  • Share examples: What kind of sustainable and circular building materials and solutions exist already and what can we learn from them?

Both Norwegian and Finnish architects, sustainably designed buildings, construction clusters and innovative materials based on circular principles are represented.

This event is a co-operation between the Embassy of Finland in Norway, Business Finland in Norway and the Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute. 

The webinar is a part of Oslo Innovation Week 2021, September 27-30. You are warmly welcome to join and hear more!