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Webinar 2.12.2021

The German RRF plan and the hydrogen leap – Information session for Finnish companies

Time: 14:30 - 16:00 (EET)


Further information

Helmi-Nelli Körkkö, Senior Advisor
helmi-nelli.korkko (at)

Luke Kähkönen
, Program Coordinator
luke.kahkonen (at)

Decarbonization solutions using renewable hydrogen in particular are in the core of the German plan for EUs Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).

With the RRF – and with the volume of EUR 672.5 billion – the foundation was laid to help emerge stronger from the crisis. Germany is entitled to around 25 billion euros. Hydrogen and p2x technologies must be embraced when looking into the future of the European energy sector. Germany is aiming to be the number one in hydrogen technology and is investing in green hydrogen at all stages of the value chain. International cooperation plays a crucial role for Germany’s aims to reach the country’s climate goals. With the RRF funding Germany wants to take a hydrogen leap

Join us on December 2nd at 14:30 (EET) to learn more about the German RRF package and what it means for the energy field and for the development of the hydrogen economy. We will hear interesting contributions about the allocation of the funding and about the concrete opportunities it offers for Finnish companies.