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Online 1.-2.12.2021

Tocar Madera 2021 : International webinar of Sustainable Construction and Wood knowhow Uruguay–Finland

Attendance to the webinar is free of charge, however, it requires a registration via the link below.

You will receive a link to join the event in your e-mail prior to the event.

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Further information

Ms. Heidi Virta
Senior Director
Business Finland, Region Latin America
heidi.virta (at)

Ms. Heta Pyhälahti
Commercial Counselor
Embassy of Finland in Argentina
heta.pyhalahti (at)

Business Finland in collaboration with the Embassy of Finland in Argentina, Ministry of Housing in Uruguay, Uruguay XXI and Kestävä Kollektiivi Oy are organizing the webinar series starting on Tuesday 16 November, 2021 from 15.00 – 17.00 (Helsinki) / 10:00 - 12:00 (Uruguay) with the topic "Wood architecture and concepts".  El webinar se organiza en cooperación con el Ministerio de Vivienda y Ordenamiento Territorial (MVOT, Uy), la Embajada de Finlandia, Business Finland, Uruguay XXI y Kestävä Kollektiivi Oy.

Tocar Madera 2021 is the second edition of Tocar Madera webinar, the international encounter between operators in wood construction from Uruguay and Finland. It is a platform for exchanging ideas and knowledge with the aim of creating a network of professionals in the areas of design, education, research and construction. The first Tocar Madera was organized in November 2020 with more than 400 participants.

Tocar Madera 2021 is part of the cooperation in sustainable construction and wood knowhow between Uruguay and Finland. The aim is to develop the wood construction sector in Uruguay and to promote projects between institutions and companies in both countries. This year’s event aims to strengthen the network of professionals and share more information on the different aspects of wood construction. Our goal is to take the next steps to start project development between Finnish and Uruguayan operators. The webinar deepens last year’s themes on wood construction, presents new projects and concepts and offers also more specified data about regulations, technology and protection of wood constructions for professionals and policy-makers alike to further enable the implementation of international pilot projects and best practices.

The webinar will be organized in November and December and consists of four sessions on four days. On all days we will have presentations from a diverse range of experts presenting their projects together with more technical lectures on a variety of topics. Our exhibitors include private and public sector players, technical and architectural specialists, wood and construction sector companies from both Uruguay and Finland. The webinar will be broadcast online, simultaneously translated (English-Spanish-English) and it will be open to all audiences.

Dates: 16.-17.11, 1.-2.12.2021
Time: In Finland 15:00 - 17:00 (UTC +2) / Uruguay 10:00 - 12:00 (UTC -3)

16 November, Tuesday: Wood architecture and concepts
Single family houses
Multi-storey buildings

17 November, Wednesday : Regulations and wood technology
Development of regulations in Uruguay
Regulations in Finland and in the world
Development of construction manuals
Fire protection and regulations

1 December, Wednesday: Wood architecture and concepts
Public buildings
Educational spaces
BIM and project management

2 December, Thursday: Systems and materials
Prefabrication and components
Wood products
Ventilation and insulation
Protection and terminations