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Workshop 16.5.2022

AV Growth Deal Workshop

8:30-12:00 EET

The event will be held at Business Finland's office
(Porkkalankatu 1, Helsinki).


Participation is free of charge but requires a pre-registration.


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Hanna Vuorinen

Head of Film in Finland

hanna.vuorinen (at)

Join us in defining the future of the Finnish audiovisual industry at the AV Growth Deal workshop 16.5.2022! Leaders and top professionals from AV-related companies will work together with the advisors and officials from the public sector to find concrete suggestions on how to build future growth in Finland.

The building of the AV Growth Deal started in April with a hybrid event, where a group of central AV industry actors took part in panel discussions on the future of the audiovisual field, its growth opportunities and challenges. The next event will be organized on 16.5.2022 as an open workshop, and it will continue to build the common operational model of the AV Growth Deal.

The AV Growth Deal has been given four long-term objectives. The objectives are based on studies of the audiovisual industry, conversations with key stakeholder groups, the views presented at the first Growth Deal event in April and the results of the questionnaire published after the event. The chosen objectives will form the operational model of the AV Growth Deal and also guide the conversations in the workshop organized on 16.5.2022.


8.30 Breakfast and registration to the event

9.00 Welcome speech and instructions to the workshops: Ilkka Rahkonen, Program Director, Film Tampere & Henna-Riikka Ruotsalainen, Strategy Consultant, Osaamo Business Design

9.30 Workshops begin in the theme groups: 

In which things do we have to succeed to reach our goals? How should we measure our success?

Objective 1: Production environment and infrastructure for growth
This workshop will be held in Finnish. The workshop will focus on the following themes: the roles and division of work between public actors, how to create a shared channel for discussion in the fragmented AV industry,  is the current promotion of interests functional and well-organized so that the industry can communicate coherently and in unity, and how can we build a platform on which the whole AV sector can form a position on questions of common interests.

Objective 2: Finland a global leader in sustainability of AV productions
This workshop will be held in Finnish. In this workshop the themes are centered around sustainability. The workshop will concentrate on defining sustainability in the AV industry, what is economic, social and environmental sustainability in the field, how can sustainability help us reach the objectives set in the AV Growth Deal and whether sustainability could be Finland's competitive edge in global markets.

Objective 3: Business growth from global markets
The third workshop will be held in English. In this workshop we will discuss the following themes: Growth paths for production companies to expand from the domestic market to the international market, strategies to build networks and find partners, and the skills needed for the international market (marketing, sales, client acquisition, differentiation), IP ownership and commercialization, how to secure sufficient financial and creative resources to the development phase.

Objective 4: Finland a global leader in disruption of the audiovisual industry
The workshop will be held in Finnish. This workshop is all about making Finland a global leader in the current transformation of the audiovisual industry. The workshop will ask questions such as what are the changes in the near future that we need to foresee, how can we create an agile culture of experimentation in Finland, what do metaverse, web3 or NFTs mean for us, and what sort of specialized expertise do we have in Finland that could help the AV industry grow.

11.30 Summary of the outcomes of the workshops

12.00 Event ends

The workshop will be organized as a physical event in Helsinki and it will not be streamed online. Some participant interviews will be published after the event on the Growth Deal website.

The results of the workshops will be published in June and there will still be opportunities to influence the content of the AV Growth Deal throughout the summer. The finalized AV Growth Deal will be launched at the Screen Helsinki event on 31.8.2022.

Welcome to the AV Growth Deal workshop to discuss the future of the audiovisual industry!