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Online 31.3.2022

Business opportunities in Taiwan

Time: 9.00-10.00 EET


Further information

Jere Tala
Senior Advisor, Region East Asia and India
jere.tala (at)

We welcome you to learn about the business opportunities in decarbonizing Taiwanese industry. In this webinar you will find out about the market overview and learn why Taiwan is a lucrative market for Finnish companies. The webinar is targeted for Finnish companies who want to gain understanding about the decarbonizing business opportunities in Taiwan and for everyone else interested in the subject. 

The Government of Taiwan has set ambitious decarbonization goals to be reached by 2025, for instance target of energy power mix of 50% liquified natural gas, 30% coal, and 20% renewables. All major cities and municipalities have their own decarbonization goals, including the large manufacturing industry that Taiwan is famous for.  Therefore, many Taiwanese sectors have urgent needs for decarbonization – and they are willing to pay for suitable solutions. This provides new opportunities for Finnish companies not only with government and municipality projects, but with large number of private companies.

Taiwan is safe and reliable market for Finnish companies to enter and to operate in. Taiwan has well-educated workforce, and the market is big by itself, as well as it is a great entry point to other Asian markets, especially to China. Furthermore, Taiwan has 6th freest economy in the world and sound legal system and the country is expected to be bilingual by 2030.

Agenda (all times in EET)

9.00–9.05 Opening words by Marika Ollaranta, Head of decarbonizing industries, Business Finland
9.05–9.15 Why Taiwan? and Business Finland team Taiwan introduction by Jere Tala, Senior Advisor Team Finland Taiwan & Mikko Karppinen, Senior Advisor Team Finland Taiwan 
9.15–9.45 Taiwan Decarbonization Market Overview and Business Opportunities by Revital Shpangental, CEO of Anemone Ventures Ltd 
9.45–9.55 Closing words by Marika Ollaranta 
10.00 End of the webinar 

The webinar is moderated by Marika Ollaranta.