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Online 19.5.2022

Doing business in Mexico — Opportunities for Finnish companies

The event is free of charge, however, requires a registration via the link below.


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Mr. Mikko Salonen
Senior Advisor
mikko.salonen (at)

Mexico consolidated as one of the 10 countries in the world and the first in Latin America that receives the most foreign direct investment (FDI). Mexico is Finland's 14th biggest trade partner outside the EU (2018). Finland is Mexico's 29th trading partner among the countries of the European Union, with atrade of almost 463 million dollars (2019), and the sixteenth investor in Mexico. Cumulative Foreign Direct Investment in Finland to Mexico amounts to US$7.58M.


1. Promote doing business in Mexico.
2. Challenges and opportunities.
3. Share best practices for doing business in Mexico.


16:00 Welcome
Päivi Pohjanheimo, Ambassador, Embassy of Finland in Mexico

16:05 Mexico and Finland
Ernesto Cespedes Oropeza, Ambassador, Embassy of Mexico in Finland

16:10 Experience in México from a Finnish Company
Adonai García, GM KWH Mirka, KWH Mirka and CNCM Board of Directors

16:15 Prospective territorial-industrial atlas for investment attraction
Iker Jimenez, General Manager, Global Investment, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

16:30 Experience in México from a Finnish Company
Juho Ojuva, VP of Commercial Operations, Mekitec

16:45 Legal and logistics considerations for doing business in Mexico
Enrique De la Fuente, CEO, Consorcio De la Fuente, Finland’s Honorary Consul for Veracruz

17:00 Business Finland supporting Finnish companies in Mexico
Mikko Salonen, Senior Advisor, Business Finland

17.15 -17:30 Discussion

Moderator Ms. Kirsi Seppäläinen, Chair, Finnish-Latin American Business Council