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Online 7.6.2022

Opportunities in Italian Circular Economy

Tuesday 7.6.2022 at 9:00-10:30 EEST


Further information


Silva Paananen
Counsellor for Trade and Investment, Embassy of Finland in Rome
silva.paananen (at)
+39 06 852 233 31


Emmi Nahi
Program Coordinator, Bio & Circular Finland
emmi.nahi (at)
+358 50 433 7122

Join the webinar on opportunities in circular economy in Italy, organized by the Embassy of Finland in Rome / Team Finland Italy, and supported by Business Finland and Sitra.

The purpose of the webinar is to raise awareness about the business opportunities in circular economy in Italy.

The target audience is Finnish companies wanting to learn about circular economy in Italy, and hear practical examples of how companies operate in Italy.

There are a lot of opportunities in Italy for companies in circular and green economy and sustainability. The Italian government is strongly committed to green transition: EU recovery fund allocations have been earmarked for circular economy initiatives, while public incentives also boost private investments and create further possibilities for private sector cooperation companies.

Italy’s objectives are optimization of collection and treatment processes, inclusion of technology, carbon neutrality, new business models and better utilization of waste (waste-to-energy). Plastic, textile, paper and WEEE are focal segments, too. There is room offer for innovative solutions and services.


Opening words
Silva Paananen, Embassy of Finland in Rome & Outi Suomi, Head of Bio and Circular Finland Programme, Business Finland

Key note: A brief overview of circular economy in Italy. The Enel way of working on circularity: how does Enel collaborate with partners and suppliers
Mr Luca Meini, Head of Circular Economy, Enel

How Italy and Finland could together advance sustainability in the world
Mr Kari Herlevi, Project Director Circular Economy, SITRA

Client case: Cross Wrap in Italy: from opportunity identification to market entry - what works and what does not work for a Finnish company in Italy
Ms Martta Kivelä, Sales Director, Cross Wrap Oy

Client case: setting up a factory in Italy - Tapojärvi’ journey from opportunity identification to setting up a factory in Italy, main learnings and advise for Finnish companies
Ms Mari Pilventö, Acting CEO of Tapojärvi Italy 

Team Finland roadmap 2022 for Italy
Mr Jari Makkonen, leading consultant, Mistral Consulting, together with Silva Paananen

Q&A and next steps

The Keynote speech will be held in English, the rest of the event will be held in Finnish.

Participation is free of charge but requires registration. Welcome!