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Online 4.5.2022

Science Startup Day 2022

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Jaana Rantanen
Senior Advisor, Fast Growth, Acceleration Services
jaana.rantanen (at)


Maria Mustonen
maria.mustonen (at)

What do researchers need to know when commercializing their work into a venture-backed business? How do venture capitalists evaluate spinoffs, and what are the common pitfalls researchers make when leaping into the business world? And most importantly: how do you build a successful business once you're established?

Business Finland is proud to partner with Finnish VC firms for the 3rd annual Science Startup day to answer exactly that. We invite researchers across Finland to join us online for a day of workshops, networking with VCs, and a chance to pitch your project.


Opening words by Janne Peräjoki, Senior Director, Business Finland
Follow your heart by Kati Levoranta, Executive vice president, P2X Solution Oy

Project pitches
“Health and Life Science” hosted by Lauri Reuter, Partner, Nordic FoodTech VC
“Ict, food, and others” hosted by Tiia-Maria Tenhunen, Senior Specialist, VTT LaunchPad

Workshops part 1 "Establishing your company"

  • Financial sources for structuring a company, hosted by Lauri Lahtinen, Investment Manager and Aleksi Päkkilä, Investment Manager at Wave Ventures and Jaana Rantanen, Senior Advisor at Business Finland
  • Branding your company - optimize for future recruitment, hosted by Reetta Heiskanen, Platform and marketing manager at
  • Quick tips for startups – Financial planning & understanding cash flow, hosted by Erik Kolehmainen, VP, Corporate Venturing at Metsä Spring

Lunch break

Workshops part 2 "Building your company"

  • Recruiting team members – Evaluating candidates & building the recruitment process, hosted by Josefiina Kotilainen, Chief Financial Officer and Reetta Heiskanen Platform and Marketing Manager at
  • Team building - What to consider and how to proceed, hosted by Ryan Savage, Head of Talent at Inventure
  • Agreements e.g. tech transfer and cap table, hosted by Inka Mero, Managing Partner and Niko Elers, Investment Analyst at Voima Ventures


Workshops part 3 "Preparing to scale”

  • Valuation of the startup, strategic value and early exit vs homerun, hosted by Ville Heikkinen, Partner at Butterfly Ventures and Lauri Kokkila, Partner at Inventure
  • Financial compensation and incentives, hosted by Juha Lindfors, Partner and Kai Backman, Partner at Lifeline Ventures
  • Investor expectations for research based innovation, hosted by Claes Mikko Nilsen, Investment Director at NordicNinja VC and Nordic FoodTech VC

Young Researcher Entrepreneur Awards 2021 by Tuomas Olkko, Executive Director at Kaute foundation

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The event is organized for startups, spin-offs and Research to Business (R2B) projects from university or research organization, as well as for investors, entrepreneurs and growth startup talents.


Science Startup Day is organized by Business Finland together with Voima Ventures, Nordic Ninja VC, Lifeline Ventures, Metsä Spring, Inventure, Nordic Food Tech VC, Butterfly Ventures, VTT Launchpad,, Wave Ventures, and Kaute foundation.