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Virtual Event 16.6.2022

Takeaways from Finland: Enabling Responsible Consumption

Join our Enabling Responsible Consumption event on June 16 at 16-17:15 EEST (9-10:15am EDT). Please sign up by June 15.


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Lotta Jessen, Consulate General of Finland, New York
Advisor, Economic and Commercial Affairs
lotta.jessen (at)

Aija Kalander, Business Finland
Head of Experience Commerce Finland
aija.kalander (at)


Topias Vainio, Business Finland
Program Coordinator, Bio and Circular Finland
topias.vainio (at)


Team Finland is organizing an online panel discussion on Enabling Responsible Consumption on Thursday June 16, starting at 16:00 EEST (9am EDT). Please register by June 15 to join the online event!

Drastic changes in the world economy call for restructured supply chains. Although recent disruptions feed insecurity, they also provide opportunities to design more sustainable economies and facilitate the beckoned green transition.

Finland's objective to become climate neutral by 2035 will be enshrined in law this summer. To that end, Finland has also introduced a renewed Bioeconomy Strategy that aims to double the value added by the bioeconomy by 2035. By doubling this value added, Finland can address the supply chain challenges we face today – through circularity, for example.

However, there are still major obstacles to mitigating climate change. The question of responsibility looms especially large: to whom do we look to enable responsible consumption? Arguments exist for almost all participants in the economy, including consumers, businesses, investors and regulators as prime contenders. Still, while each of these stakeholders play an important part in facilitating the green transition, all have caveats to fall back on.

Eradicating deep-seeded consumerism is a slow process, businesses and investors have strong mandates to focus on the bottom line, and regulators can only limit the free market to a certain extent. Boundless incentives are expensive, and endless coercion seldom seems to work.

So whom can we turn to? Who should take the lead? How will we structure the green transition? In this event, we will focus on defining responsibilities, formulating solutions, and finding common ground between diverse perceptions.

Why join the event?

This event is the second in the Takeaways from Finland series, which focuses on solidifying Finland's position as a thought leader in key domains. Finland is a forerunner in advancing the green transition, and has lots to offer the global market.

What's in it for Finnish organizations?

- Increase your knowledge of the different CSR perspectives in the US, and improve your chances of succeeding in the market.
- Get answers to questions such as:

  • How is the responsibility conversation different overseas, and where is it developing in the future?
  • How do diverse US experts approach the issue from various perspectives?
  • How should Finnish organizations define and communicate their responsibility efforts in the US?

 What's in it for US organizations?

- Discuss the green transition and its pitfalls, and engage with top experts in the domain. Broaden your perspective and weigh in to formulate the solution.
- Identify the key drivers of a sustainable economy and secure first-mover advantages by tapping into the sustainable growth market – sooner rather than later.
- Find like-minded peers and possible future partners from across the Atlantic.


Our goal is to facilitate meaningful discourse and engage the audience to formulate solutions together with our experts. Participants are encouraged to vote when prompted and ask hard questions. Our Finnish and American panelists represent a diverse array of expertise from consumer, business, investor and regulation perspectives. The speakers will be announced soon!

Schedule in Eastern European Summer Time (EDT in brackets):

16:00 (9:00am) – Welcome by Mika Koskinen, Consul General, Finnish Consulate General in New York
16:03 (9:03am) – Keynote speech by Malena Sell-Myllyoja, Leading Specialist, Sitra
16:10 (9:10am) – Vote by audience & results
16:15 (9:15am) – Panel discussion: Four perspectives – the key drivers of responsibility

16:55 (9:55am) – Vote by audience & results
17:00 (10:00am) – Q&A
17:15 (10:15am) – Event ends


Come cast your vote, challenge our distinguished experts and take part in formulating the solution at this online event, which takes place Thursday June 16 from 16:00 to 17:15 EEST (9:00–10:15 am EDT).

Please sign up from the above link by June 15.