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Online 10 February, 2021

Cybersecurity Business Opportunities in South Africa

Register by 7 February


Further information

Mr. Camilo Ramada, Senior Advisor, Southern Africa
camilo.ramada (at)
tel: +27 84 683 1222

Ms. Kirsi Kokko, Head of Digital Trust Finland
kirsi.kokko (at)
tel: +358 50 550 2023

Ms. Anna-Maija Ikonen, Business Event Coordinator
anna-maija.ikonen (at)
tel: +358 50 5577 731

Business Finland invites you to learn about business opportunities in South Africa on cybersecurity solutions and technology – and to meet local stakeholders.

With a population of almost 58 million, South Africa has the second largest economy on the African continent, and the continent’s most developed infrastructure. For Finnish cybersecurity companies interested in entering the African market, South Africa is an ideal springboard to the rest of the continent, as well as an attractive market in its own right.

Business Finland's Digital Trust Finland program helps Finnish companies to build global business on digital trust and security. One of the goals of the program is to support internationalization and growth of the Finnish cybersecurity companies by sharing efficiently information of new markets and market opportunities and enable networking with potential partners and customers.

Welcome to join our webinar!

In this webinar you will get:

  • An overall presentation of the cybersecurity situation in South Africa.
  • Information of market opportunities and how to do business in South Africa.
  • Direct exposure to local stakeholders with potential for business partnerships.


The webinar is free of charge, however, requires a pre-registration by 7 February. 

Why South Africa

"South Africa is the most mature and most attractive market in Africa. From there, it becomes a springboard to the rest of Africa. As a continent, this is a massive growth market of the future. There is not the kind of awareness you would expect in cybersecurity”, says Arthur Goldstuck, author, researcher and CEO of World Wide Worx.

According to the 2019 Accenture Report Build Pervasive Cyber Resilience Now, South Africa has the third-highest number of cybercrime victims in the world, and the highest in Africa, with the country losing over €100 million a year to cyberattacks. Due to a general lack of  education on cybersecurity, 70% of South Africans have fallen victim to cybercrime, compared to 50% globally. The report found that 74% of South African executives agree that cyber risks will grow substantially in the next few years as a result of business becoming more connected, intelligent, and autonomous.