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Online 16.2.2021

Digital health business opportunities in France & Opportunities for collaboration with health insurance companies in Spain

11:30-12:30 EET
Digital health business opportunities in France

13:30-14:30 EET
Opportunities for collaboration with health insurance companies in Spain

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Ms. Henriikka Yliheljo
Commercial Counsellor, Team Finland at Embassy of Finland
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Ms. Daria Mashkina
Senior Advisor, Business Finland
Cellular: +34 603 645 130
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Ms. Hanna-Leena Harma
Manager, Inbound Delegations, Business Finland
Cellular: +358 40 728 8730
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Welcome to Business Finland’s online events on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 11:30-14:30 EET.

Digital health business opportunities in France

As the second largest healthcare market in the EU, France offers interesting opportunities for healthcare solution providers. The Covid pandemic has acted as a real booster in adoption of digital solutions in healthcare, for example in telemedicine: the number of teleconsultations grew from 40 000 in February 2020 to 4 000 000 in April 2020. The French recovery plan dedicates 2 billion euros for digitalization of healthcare.

Demand for innovative digital solutions is growing in areas like telemedicine, outpatient care, remote healthcare and home care of chronically ill and elderly people, personalized and preventive healthcare as well as early detection and diagnosis of diseases. The use of AI in health care is also developing very rapidly in France.

Please join our webinar on February 16, at 11:30-12:30 to hear more from local experts about the French healthcare market and business opportunities.

The one-hour webinar will be followed by an optional 30 min small group Q&A session with our local expert, allowing you to ask more specific questions. The dialogue session is aimed at Finnish companies that already have specific questions and/or further plans regarding the French healthcare market.

Opportunities for collaboration with health insurance companies in Spain

Despite a difficult year marked by the Covid crisis, the Spanish insurance industry showed positive development and totaled up to 4.97 billion euros during 2019, comprising a 5.2% increase compared to 2018. Currently, about 10.5 million Spaniards (about 22% of the entire population) have private insurance, out of which 76% correspond to healthcare. All major insurance companies have started digital transformation projects, many of them focusing on Client Service and Internal Process Optimization.

Current open innovation initiatives in Spanish Health Insurance sector focus on:

  • mobile apps and digital solutions for consumers;
  • artificial intelligence for health applications;
  • diversification of product and customer portfolio;
  • introduction of new customer / product segments based on age;
  • wearables, biometrics and its performance;
  • video service for clients;
  • increasing demand for telemedicine services by specialists (dermatology, etc).

Please join our info session which will be held on February 16, at 13:30-14:30 to address these untapped opportunities in detail.

The webinars are targeted to Finnish companies.

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Attendance to the webinar is free of charge, however, requires a pre-registration via the link on the left.

You will receive a link to join the event in your e-mail one day prior to the event.