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Online 1 June 2021

Finnish-Polish webinar on infection-control at hospitals

The webinar is in Polish

Further information

Ms. Agnieszka Wrobel, Senior Advisor
Business Finland
agnieszka.wrobel (at)
Tel: +48 508 982 805

The global response to COVID-19 has increased focus on infections in the health care sector in Poland. Patients staying in hospitals and medical staff run the risk of being infected. The World Health Organization warns that if the number of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections continues to rise, in 2050 they will be responsible for a greater number of deaths than cancer.

The Polish Authorities have investigated if the system of preventing nosocomial infections in Poland is effective and if patients and medical staff protected. For several years, the number of cases of nosocomial infections has been increasing.  

Poland is set to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the EU recovery fund. The healthcare system will be supported by 4.5 billion EUR from recovery and resilience funds. It's main goal is to increase the health system quality and infrastructure. 

Business Finland and Polish Federation of Hospitals invite to a webinar on the best practices of clean environment in health care. The topic of the meeting will be a discussion on reducing the frequency of hospital infections and raising awareness and reduction of hospital-acquired infections.

During the webinar we will present Finnish expertise in infection control to the Polish hospitals: modern and adaptable solutions for operating rooms, automatic waste and soiled linen transfer system, hygienic and infection safe batteries, technology against infections at public spaces in health care facilities. We will also discuss how to make changes in a sustainable and effective way to reduce the number of hospital infections.

If you are interested in atending the webinar, please contact Ms. Agnieszka Wrobel, agnieszka.wrobel (at)

Program at 12:00 – 13:00 EEST

  • Welcoming, Polish Federation of Hospitals
  • Finnish experience in infection prevention, Business Finland
  • Modern and adaptable solutions for operating rooms, Halton
  • Hygiene and safety batteries, Oras
  • Anti-infection technology at public spaces in health care facilities, Isku
  • Automatic internal transport and segregation systems for waste and dirty underwear in healthcare facilities, Ecosir
  • Discussion panel with the participation
  • Q&A

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