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Online 9.6.2021

Improving Indoor Air Quality in the UAE: Sharing global case studies & expertise from Finland

This webinar is free of charge but requires a registration by June 8, 2021


Further information


Mr. Seppo Keränen, Commercial Counselor, Dubai
+358 400 535907
seppo.keranen (at)


Mr. Antti Rahikka, Senior Advisor, Dubai
+971 501 254 302
antti.rahikka (at)

COVID-19 highlighted the importance of indoor environmental quality, especially indoor air quality, on the health and wellbeing of building occupants. Bringing together expert speakers from Finland and the UAE, the webinar will provide insights and explore case studies relevant to both countries, highlighting the innovations and technologies that can be employed to maintain a high air quality inside buildings.

The importance of indoor air cleanliness is current hot topic in United Arab Emirates. Awareness of the bad air quality has rapidly grown during the Covid-19 pandemic and people are beginning to demand cleaner air for their children in schools, in their working places and living quarters. Currently schools and offices, as well apartments & villas in UAE have very old-fashioned ventilation techniques and no decent cleaning equipment with proper filters. People spend over 90% of time indoors (homes, schools, workplaces, public premises). It has been proven that the financial losses due to illnesses caused by deteriorated indoor climate are huge and the correlation between elevated fine particle concentration and human health problems like asthma, lung diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Clean indoor air is an important part of safe working conditions.

Solutions or products needed

Comprehensive package of services and products. Verification of air pollutants by measurement and selection of correct cleaning systems; ducts cleaning, air purifiers, control units

Finland as a global leader of monitoring technologies and improving healthy indoor environments can offer solutions for the UAE in working towards raising the current levels of air quality to 90% by the end of 2021.



Opening remarks
Emirates Green building counsil

09:05/10:05 UAE Air Quality presentation
Ministry of Climate Change & Environment (TBC - Invited)

Technology as an Enabler for World-Class IAQ – Finnish Know-How and Clean Air Solutions
Mr. Aimo Taipale, Senior Scientist
VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland Senior Scientis

09:30/10:30 Innovative digital tools for Built Environment and International Cooperation Opportunities – Case Singapore
Ms. Irma Ylikangas, Senior Business Advisor, Helsinki Business Hub
 09:45/10.45  Air quality research in a restaurant: towards COVID-19 -safe indoor air!
Mr. Antti Hyvärinen, Senior Research Scientist, Finnish Meteorological Institute
 10:00/11:00  Q & A
 10:15/11:15  Closing remarks